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तिरुप्पावै-----------पाशुरम् ११-------"कत्तुक्करवै"---दिनाङ्कः २६-१२-२०११--------निवेद्यते।

तिरुप्पावै--------पाशुरम् ११-------अवधारयन्तु।
तमिळम्-----"कत्तुक्करवै क्कणङ्गळ् पल करन्दु,शेत्तार् तिरलळिय च्चेन्रु
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new book

The Brahmasutra in all its variants by shailaja bapat
The* Brahmasutra*, variously known as *Sariraka Sutra* or *Sariraka Mimamsa*
or *Uttara Mimamsa*or *Bhikshu Sutra* of Badarayana, is one of the three
texts that are collectively called *Prasthana Traya*, the other two being
the *Upanishads* and the *Bhagavad Gita*. The text of Badarayana reveals
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A brief about the forthcoming 15th World Sanskrit Conference , at Delhi, Jan 5-10, 2012

brief about the forthcoming 15th World Sanskrit Conference at New Delhi, Jan
5-10, 2012
15th World Sanskrit Conference (WSC), organized by Rashtriya
Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi in association with International
Association of Sanskrit Studies, will be inaugurated by Honorable Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh at Vigyan Bhavan, New
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sthAne antaratamaH

sanskrit-programmers - Mon, 12/12/2011 - 09:48
Updated samskritam-dsl and implemented a functional programming approach to
handling the "sthAne antaratamH" sutram. Demonstrates two consonant sandhis
- iko yan aci and jhalaam jash jashi. Ive not covered/tested other
applications of this sutram yet.
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Re: samskritam-dsl in github

sanskrit-programmers - Tue, 12/06/2011 - 08:49
बहु सुन्दरम् च आश्चर्यजनकम्। अहम् scala संपूर्णतया न जानामि, परन्तु तस्याम्
भाषायाम् sivaSutra.ak इति लेखनम्  (sivaSutra.metaClass.getProperty उपयोगः)
नैव साध्यम् इति मन्ये, केवलम् sivaSutra("ak") वा sivaSutra.get("ak") [==
sivaSutra get "ak"] वा साध्यम्।
इदानीम् अस्याम् विशेषभाषायाम् (= in DSL)
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Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Sanskrit & Pali Languages

sanskrit-programmers - Tue, 11/22/2011 - 07:32
1. Personal message: Anyone who has ever programmed for a significant time
knows about the usefulness of stackexchange in getting questions answered
reliably (and without nonsense) by a community of users. Please join and
"follow" it so that we may one day have a stackexchange for sanskrit and
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