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गोपीगीतम् - पिबत भागवतम् (Gopīgītam - pibata bhāgavatam)

Thu, 05/24/2012 - 19:16

This comes somewhat late, but hopefully not too late. A seven-day discourse
series on Gopīgītam (Śrīmadbhāgavatam 10.31.1-19) by Jagadguru
Rāmānandācārya Svāmī Rāmabhadrācārya is currently underway in Rishikesh,
Uttarakhand. The discourses are primarily in Hindi with portions in

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सीतायाः पतये नमः

Thu, 05/24/2012 - 16:11
I have a doubt in the following verse
रामाय रामभद्राय रामचन्द्राय वेधसे ।
रघुनाथाय नाथाय सीतायाः पतये नमः।।
in the above sloka सीतायाः पतये is wrong. It should be सीतापतये or सीतायाः
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Fwd: Learning Tools

Thu, 05/24/2012 - 09:03
Please see site in following e-mail below.

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Wed, 05/23/2012 - 21:55
Dear Sirs,
A friend of mine has come across a ganapati stotra in which the last line
has the word स्युर्वरोमतः which he has requested the meaning of. (could it
be construed as स्युः + वरः + मतः ??? I ask a boon वरः for my progeny may
they be always be engaged निरताः स्युः ( विध्यर्थ) in your worship?)
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Unique 8-day Sanskrit workshop in Mumbai

Tue, 05/22/2012 - 18:16
Invitation to take part in a unique 8-day intensive course on Sanskrit.

*Course Title: *Spandana: Feeling the Pulsation of a Divine Language

*Dates: 8 days *:* *June 9th (Sat) to 15th (Fri), 2012

*Venue: *Ramakrishna Mission, Khar, Mumbai

*Last date for Registration: *30th May 2012 (next Wed)

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Rhymes for children in Sanskrit

Tue, 05/22/2012 - 00:59
sabhAyai nama:

I am wondering if there is any web page having a collection of rhymes
in Sanskrit for children.

I have put in some here:


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an appeal from Sanskrit college

Mon, 05/21/2012 - 15:48
Dear All,

I'm sad to put this news - which is quite painful to read...however the
fact of the matter needs to be brought out. It is about saving a Sanskrit
Research Institute the only one alive in Tamil Nadu

Those who wish to contribute need not do at free of cost - become a
life-time member of this prestigious institution and receive publications

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Fwd: Amar Chitra Katha Comics in Samskritam: Participate in Readership Survey

Mon, 05/21/2012 - 12:47
Samskrita Bharati Ulsoor, Bangalore folks have been doing a great work,
namely, translating Amar Chitra Katha's Ramayana into Samskritam.

They've been posting it in a website periodically, e.g., page 49:

It's really cool.

For Amar Chitra Katha Publications to do it in a bigger way, they need

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DhAtupATa in alphabetical order

Sun, 05/20/2012 - 17:15
Dear All,

I was wondering if anyone has a soft copy of Panini's Dhatupata IN

I would be very grateful if you can send it to me

Thank you.

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A sloka on Saraswati

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 23:03
Pranams to all,
I give below a subhashita (from Subhashitavali of Vallabhadeva). I request the learned members of this group to explain the meaning of this subhashita.
०९३१-१ तापापहे सहृदये रुचिरे प्रबुद्धे
०९३१-२ मित्रानुरागनिरते धृतसद्गुणौघे  ।
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Fw: Fw: [Samskrita] DLiD

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 20:01
Some additional tips sent by a friend:
"...Both are available and read well.  The list is still valid.
Go to [link]
Search for Astadhayayi Sutra Pata
and click to see the book.
Follow up with Astadhyi (Bashya) Prathamavriti
Check through a few pages to find if you are up to it.  Otherwise, links from [link] may be more useful .
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M.S. University research series and M.S. University Oriental series

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 20:01
Two more publication series from the same institute are attached herewith.
1. M.S. University research series
2. M.S. University Oriental Series

I also share the wish of Lalitaalaalita ji, that Shankar ji or some other
scholar may take up the compilation.
So that we have a complete set of these books on the web.

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Grammar doubt

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 20:01
Dear All,
I have a doubt in Grammar.
I read a Sanskrit translation of an english sentence as follows:
ये तावत् विधिरूपमुपदिशन्ति ते नूनम् स्वार्थ्सम्पादने परान् विनियोक्तातो भवन्ति।
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Sat, 05/19/2012 - 07:27
Hello Everyone
I am using Mac Toy downloader and for many book it gives me this message
"Scan Not at DLi"
However on the above link it shows "Scan Available" Message

here are few numbers

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aShTAdhyaayi Sutra Types

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 07:27
Hello Everyone,
Is there any book out there which tells the type of sutra for all sutras in
Bhaimi Vyakhya on Laghu siddanta kaumudi does but its for sutras that
appears in Laghu only.
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For learning purposes - about vibhakti in Sutras

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 07:27
Dear Scholars,

For my learning purposes, I want to know if an explanation can given
on a set of sutras which defines each vibhakti and what it means in
Sutra patha. I can write and down and memorize them. For example,
"sashti sthaane yoga", "tasminniti nirdishte poorvasya" etc.

I learnt from one of the lessons that Shasti vibhakti Shatruvat

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Gaekwad Oriental Series - book list

Fri, 05/18/2012 - 20:11
Dear All,
I would like to bring it to the notice of the group that Gaekwad Oriental
Series by M.S. University, Baroda
published many rare books.
I recently found a complete list of books, author, editor, edition details
from them.
I have prepared a pdf for those who might be interested in the books...
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Thu, 05/17/2012 - 03:18
In a commentary on Lakshmidahra-kavi's Advaita Makaranda, the following appears:
 puruShAparAdhamalinA dhiShaNA niravadyachakShurudayApi yathA |
na phalAya bhR^iShTaviShayA bhavati shrutisambhavApi tu tathAtmani dhIH ||
In another version the word bhR^iShTaviShayA   has a pAThabheda (variant)
bharchhuviShayA   and  bhartsuviShayA.
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Looking for Naiṣadhīyacaritam text

Wed, 05/16/2012 - 18:56

I have come across digitized PDFs of Naiṣadhīyacaritam by Śrīharṣa but
could not find the text (in IAST or Devnagari) on the Internet. It is not
at sanskritdocuments, sanskrit wikisource, GRETIL or Digital Corpus of
Sanskrit. I also tried searching on Google with some verses in Devnagari

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Dialogue between Mandana Mishra and Adi Shankaracharya

Wed, 05/16/2012 - 18:56
Hello all,
Is there any book which describes the debate between Adi Shankaracharya and
Mandana Mishra?
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