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Opportunity to take the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in Sanskrit

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 10:01

We are happy to bring to your attention that Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) assisted by St James School in London, UK have a collaborative agreement in offering the students of Sanskrit an opportunity to take the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in Sanskrit. 

The examinations are to be conducted in Three Levels:

1.      IGCSE Option A/Option B
2.      Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS)

3.      Advanced Level (A)

CIF is happy to reach out this examination to all our students and Sanskrit enthusiasts to further their Sanskrit learning and achieve International Certification in Sanskrit.

Please find below the details of the Examinations and its pertaining Syllabus and our recommendation to help you choose the Examination Level that you would be able to appear:

1. IGCSE Option A/Option B

Examination Syllabus
Option A (basic level): Grammar
Option B (higher level) : Grammar and Sandhi    
Link to Syllabus Content, Study Material, Past Exam Question Papers; http://www.sanskritexams.org. uk/option-a-syllabus.html
Exam dates: 7th and 8th of May 2014
Exam Fee: 46.50 British Pound (INR 5022) and Center Fee INR 3000 (Total INR 8022)*
Option A: Recommended for Easy Sanskrit Students, IGNOU Certificate Programme Sanskrit Students, Chinmaya International Residential School Class X Students
Option B: Recommended for Advanced Sanskrit Students
Last date for registration is 10th Feb
Contact Class for Exam Preparation at CIF: May 1st to 6th 2014
Contact Class Fee: Inclusive of boarding, lodging, study material, travel to and fro from exam centre
With Non AC Accommodation: INR 5700
With AC Accommodation: INR 8000

Examination Center: Global Public School, Ernakulam (5 kms away from CIF)

 2. Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level)

Examination Syllabus
Link to Syllabus Content, Study Material, Past Exam Question Papers,
http://www.sanskritexams.org. uk/About-AS-Level.html
Exam dates: 5th and 6th of June, 2014
Exam Fee: 46.50 British Pound (INR 5022) and Center Fee INR 3000 (Total INR 8022)*
Recommended for Advanced Sanskrit Students, Sandeepany Sadhanalaya 15th batch Students
Last date for registration is 10th Feb
Contact Class for Exam Preparation at CIF: 30th May to 4th June 2014
Contact Class Fee: Inclusive of Boarding, lodging, study material, travel to and fro from exam centre  With Non AC Accommodation: INR 5700 With AC Accommodation: INR 8000 Examination Center: Global Public School, Ernakulam (5 kms away from CIF)3. Advanced Level (A Level)

Examination Syllabus
Link to Syllabus Content, Study Material, Past Exam Question Papers
http://www.sanskritexams.org. uk/A-Level-Syllabus.html
Exam dates: 3rd, 5th and 6th of June, 2014
Exam Fee: 46.50 British Pound (INR 5022) and Center Fee INR 3000 (Total INR 8022)*
Recommended for Advanced Sanskrit Students, Sandeepany Sadhanalaya 15th batch Students, BA Sanskrit and above
Last date for registration is 10th Feb
Contact Class for Exam Preparation at CIF: 28st May to 2nd June 2014
Contact Class Fee: Inclusive of Boarding, lodging, study material, travel to and fro from exam centre
With AC Accommodation: INR 6850
With Non AC Accommodation: INR 10000

Examination Center: Global Public School, Ernakulam, (5 kms away from CIF)

*In case the CIE Exam Fee and Center Fee is not affordable for you we have a bursary programme offered by St. James School,  London who have kindly agreed to assist sincere students and Sanskrit enthusiasts who cannot financially afford. Please confirm the same in the form attached. 


Residential Contact Class for Exam preparations:

CIF would be providing the students who would be appearing for the exam, 6 days of refresher and coaching to ensure that the student is fully prepared to take up the Examinations. The classes would be conducted by CIF Sanskrit teachers/ Acharyas who will cover the Exam Syllabus and practice the past exam question papers. Arrangements for the travel to and fro from the exam center will be arranged. Boarding and lodging will be provided on a twin sharing basis. One may chose AC or Non Ac accommodation.


Please note that this fee for the Refresher and Coaching Class is compulsory and there is no sponsorship facility available for the same.


Registration Procedure:

  • Last date for email confirmation for writing the exam is 10th Feb, 2014. Please fill in the attached Pre Registration Application form and along with scan copy of Date of Birth Proof (Birth Certificate/Passport copy) and send by email latest by 10th Feb to easysa…@chinfo.org
  • Please send the hard copy of the attached form, duly filled along with Date of Birth Proof (self attested copy) and the Exam and Centre Fee(INR 8022) and Residential Contact Class Fee as applicable to the following address: Ms Kalavathy, Administrator, Home Study Courses, Chinmaya International Foundation, Adi Sankara Nilayam, Veliyand PO, Ernakulam District, Kerala 682313. Ph no. +91 484-2749676. This should reach along with the Exam and Centre Fees as well as Contact Class Fee latest by 15th of Feb
  • Payment option of Exam Fee: Cheque /Draft of INR 8022 to be favoring “GPS-CIE Curriculum”, payable at Ernakulam
  • Payment of Residential Contact Class Fee, Cheque/Draft favouring “Chinmaya International Foundation” payable at Ernakulam

Overseas students who would like to take up these Examinations may apply directly to an Examination Center near their residence and correspond with them directly. Please find more details about the centers at http://www.cie.org.uk/i-want- to/find-a-cambridge-school/#\


Checklist of Documents:

1.Hard copy of the attached form
2.Self attested proof of date of birth
3. Cheque/Draft of Exam fee and Centre Fee of INR 8022 favouring “GPS- CIE Curriculum”

4. Cheque/Draft of Residential Contact Class Fee favouring Chinmaya International Foundation   Important Dates to remember:

1. Feb 10th for submitting the confirmation and attached application by email
2. Feb 15th for receipt of hard copy of the attached form, duly filled along with Date of Birth Proof (self attested copy) and the Exam and Centre Fee(INR 8022) and Residential Contact Class Fee
3. Exam Dates: IGCSE 7th and 8th of May, AS – 5th and 6th of June, A- 3rd, 5th , 6th of June 20144.Contact Class dates: IGCSE – 1st to 8th May, AS – 30th May to June 4th, A – 28th May to June 6th

Kindly send in your confirmation asap – latest by 10th Feb, 2014.

Above information obtained from message from Dr.V.Sheeba, Deputy Director, CIFSS, Adisankaranilayam, Veliyanadu,  Kerala
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Changed schedule for संस्कृत-भारती’s पत्राचारः and गीतासोपानम् exams in Chennai

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 05:03
Changed schedule for संस्कृत-भारती’s पत्राचारः and गीतासोपानम् exams in Chennai is as follows:   1.  पत्राचारः – Morning 10:00 AM.   2.  गीतासोपानम्  – Afternoon 3:00 PM.    Date : 2nd February(Sunday) 2014.   Venue : Sarada Vidyalaya Girls High School, Burkit Road, T.Nagar, Chennai- 600017.  

Please note the change from the earlier announced schedule of Jan 26 th

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American Sanskrit Institute

Fri, 12/13/2013 - 23:35

Do visit http://www.americansanskrit.com/

On the page “About us” it is said, “.. The American Sanskrit Institute was created in 1989 by Vyaas Houston with a vision of Sanskrit as a direct means to access a personal experience of profound truths described in ancient sacred texts …”


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Samskrita Sambhashana Shibiram at Ajman (UAE) 28/9 to 6/10/2013

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 22:33

From: Balasubramanian <balas.skt@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 9:23 AM
Subject: Shibiram – Ajman
Samskrita Sambhashana Shibiram has been arranged at AJMAN from 28th SEP to 6th OCT 2013. The classes will be held in the evening for two hours i.e. from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

All those who are interested in learning this language and willing to attend on all the days without fail may please contact  050 7446370 / 050 7495916 / 055 6329194 to register for the free course.  No prior knowledge of Samskritam is needed to attend this course.

Exact location details will be provided upon registration.  

Please pass on this information to like-minded friends.

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How Sanskrit would grow upon one !

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 09:48

Here is link to an article -


by Aatish Taseer

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Orientation Course in exploring manuscripts, inscriptions etc.

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 11:01

An orientation course on paleography is being conducted

at Veda Vani Vitan, Oriental Research Institute, Birla Road, Kolgawan,Satna-485001(M.P.)

from 21st September to 3rd October 2013.

It is sponsored by “Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Deemed University, New Delhi.

Who will benefit – It is beneficial to the students willing to gain special knowledge of scriptology and exploring bright future in manuscripts, inscriptions etc.

Eligibility – The students of M.A.,Acharya, research-scholars are entitled to join the course.

No fee will have to be paid by students. Instead, the stipend @50/=Rs. per day will be disbursed to selected students.

Appeal to professors, experts of the subject – They are cordially invited to deliver special lectures on the subject for one or two days. Along with T.A,D.A. and local hospitality, the certificate of special lecture will be presented to them that will serve the purpose of career advance scheme of the U.G.C. New Delhi. The honorarium will also be paid to the resource persons. So, please spare the time for sending willingness and share with us. I have every hope that you will diffuse the fragrance of experience and expertize up to our students.

Dr. Sudyumna Acharya

Director-Veda Vani Vitan, Oriental Research Institute, Birla Road, Kolgawan,Satna-485001(M.P.)

Email- drsudyumna.acharya@gmail.com

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“प्रत्यभिज्ञाहृदयम्”-विषये कार्यशाला 24-तः 30 जुलै-दिनाङ्केषु कुरुक्षेत्रे

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 13:41

प्राप्तमस्ति निवेदनम् सुरेन्द्रमोहन-मिश्र-महोदयेभ्यः -
“क्षेमराजकृतं प्रत्यभिज्ञाहृदयम्”-विषये अस्त्येका कार्यशालायोजिता सप्ताहतावता 24-तः 30 जुलै-दिनाङ्केषु
कुरुक्षेत्रे कुरुक्षेत्र-विश्वविद्यालये |
अधिकाय विवरणाय संपर्कः कर्तव्यः

  1. सुरेन्द्रमोहन-मिश्र-महोदयः (चलितभाषं – 098960 86579)
  2. अरविन्दकुमार-महोदयः (चलितभाषं – 094660 45738)

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4-Level Correspondence Course from Dubai

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 11:34

Welcome to the beautiful and enriching world of Samskritam, through correspondence


Samskritam is one of the world’s ancient languages. Most of the eastern world’s ancient literatures on Philosophy, Social structure, Civilizations, History, Science etc. are available only in Samskritam. Learning Samskritam is the only way to open the doors to the ancient treasure of knowledge and is the gateway to the rich scientific heritage.


The Movement called ‘Speak Samskrit Movement’ was started during 1981 in Bangalore and it was later named and registered as Samskrita Bharati in 1995 in Delhi. Samskrita Bharati is an organization of dedicated volunteers, who strive for the popularization of Samskritam, Samskriti and the Knowledge Tradition of Bharat.


Here is an opportunity to learn this great language. Patralayadwaara Samskrita Padanam (Learning Samskritam through correspondence) is a structured educational programme developed by Samskrita Bharati, to spread the essence of Samskritam across the globe. This course is developed in a way that it is easy for any student to understand the language and to use the language fluently. Study materials for this unique correspondence programme are available in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati languages.

The programme constitutes of 4 levels (Pravesha, Parichaya, Shikshaa and Kovidaa).  Each level can be completed in a period of 6 months.  Course fee (Inclusive of study materials and exam fee) for each level is AED 30/-. Exams will be conducted twice a year (November and May in UAE). Certificate of completion will be awarded to the students on successful completion of each level.



Registration for level 1 – Pravesha has just started.

Highlights of Level 1 – Pravesha course:

§    Understand Samskritam/Devanagri lipi

§    Enrich vocabulary significantly

§    Express freely in Samskritam for normal day-to-day conversation

§    Knowledge on basics of Samskritam grammar to converse in simple Samskritam

§    Understand many words and meanings of Samskritam sloka


Individuals who are interested in this course may contact us for registration with the following details:


Name :

Age :

Postal Address in UAE  :

Contact Number (UAE) :

Email ID :

Education / Occupation :

Postal address in Bharat :

Study materials to be delivered at :

Preferred Language :

Course  :  Pravesha / Parichaya / Shikshaa / Kovidaa


We prefer to deliver the study materials at your postal address in Bharat.  Alternatively, study materials can be made available here in UAE for those who opt for the same. For further details please contact 055 1074749 / 050 7446370 or write to samskritabharati.dubai@gmail.com


for more updates, please ‘LIKE’
Web: www.foidubai.org
Email: samskritabharati.dubai@gmail.com

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श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता-स्वाध्याय-शिबिरम् पुदुच्चेर्याम्

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 00:43

Event SVADHYAYA: An Intensive Study Camp on Srimad Bhagavad Gita

श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता-स्वाध्याय-शिबिरम् पुदुच्चेर्याम्
WHEN Sep 8–19, 2013

WHERE Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry

Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC), a unit of Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS), is organizing its annual SVADHYAYA workshop to facilitate the study of the Gita. However,the object of this workshop will not be a scholastic or academic scrutiny of the thoughts of this scripture, but to approach this for help and light, and the utmost aim would be to distinguish its essential and living message, all that which humanity has to seize for its perfection and its highest spiritual welfare.

Interested participants can click here for details:


or http://aurosociety.org/

All correspondence should to be addressed to:
Dr. Sampadananda Mishra
Director, SAFIC, Sri Aurobindo Society
Society House, No. 11, St. Martin Street
Puducherry – 605001

Tel: 0413-2336396/4209612
Fax: 91-413-2330909/2334447
Mobile: 91-9952888350
Email: sampadanandamishra@gmail.com
Website: www. aurosociety.org

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16th World Sanskrit Conference, Bangkok, June-July 2015

Sun, 06/23/2013 - 20:35

Information about the conference was received by a kind  message from Mr. Malhar Kulkarni of IIT, Mumbai providing also a link to a PDF file.

 http://www.sanskritassociation.org/images/pdf/16th-WORLD-SANSKRIT-CONFERENCE.pdf The PDF-file also mentions an email-ID – worldsanskrit@hotmail.com
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Learning Sanskrit on-line

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 02:08

Learning Sanskrit on-line

(1) arshavidya.org

(2) atributetohinduism.com

(3) ayurvedacollege.com

(4) chinmaya.org

(5) hinduismtoday.com

(6) himalayanacademy.com

(7) kaliraytriyoga.com

(8) a library of Sanskrit texts

(9) online Sanskrit dictionary

(10) online Sanskrit documents  Click on the hyperlink “Learning Tools”

(11) sivananda.org

(12) sanskrit.org

(13) Sanskrit on the radio

(14) chitrapurmath.net “Learn Samskritam Step by step”

(15) सरलं संस्कृतम् One would rather start here http://simplesanskrit.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/simple-sanskrit-lesson-1/

(16) संस्कृतभवनम् One would rather start here http://sanskritabhavanam.wordpress.com/category/bhavans-balabodha/lessons-1-to-3/

(17) संस्कृताध्ययनम् “Learning Sanskrit by a Fresh Approach” One would rather start here http://slabhyankar.wordpress.com/2010/05/21/learning-sanskrit-by-a-fresh-approach-lesson-1/

(18) http://www.learnsanskrit.org/

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Fri, 05/31/2013 - 11:45


PHONE: 044-24328124 / 25 26

MOBILE NO: 94440 32827

raaja@tattvaloka.com or jkaketi@yahoo.in

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6th International Vedic Workshop 2014 Kozhikode, Kerala State, India 7th – 10th, January, 2014

Fri, 03/29/2013 - 06:16

The International Vedic Workshop is the most prominent get-together of Indologists involved in the study of the Vedas the world over. The 6th International Vedic Workshop will be held in Kozhikode (Calicut) in the southern Indian state of Kerala in India.

The previous five International Vedic Workshops were held in Harvard University, USA (in 1989, organized by Prof. Michael Witzel), Kyoto University, Japan (in 1999, organized by Prof. Y. Ikari), Leiden University, The Netherlands (in 2002, organized by Prof. J. Houben and Prof. A. Griffith), University of Texas, Austin, USA (in 2007, organized by Prof. P. Olivelle and Prof. J. Brereton), and Centre for Eurasiatic and Afroasiatic Studies (CEAS), Bucharest, Romania (in 2011, organized by Prof. J. Rotaru). These workshops have already made some major advances in Vedic studies. Also, these workshops have already pointed out and then followed up, several new avenues for Vedic research.

The forthcoming workshop strictly focuses on Vedic texts and rituals, their scholarly interpretation, and their traditional performance and has only one track with no parallel sessions. The prospective audience constitutes bona fide scholars of the Vedas and Vedic traditions, traditional scholars (Vaidikas, ritualists, and also scholars of Mimamsa), practitioners of Veda, Sanskrit scholars, Veda enthusiasts, writers specialised in Veda etc.

One of the main attractions of 2014 episode of the Vedic Workshop will be the physical presence of Veda chanting experts and their demonstration of Veda chanting. Also, the experts will be available for the scholars to “interview”. They include the highly skilled Veda chanters from the two Kerala Schools of Rigveda, chanters from different Yajurveda schools in Kerala, and from the rare Kerala school of Saamaveda. Listening to and gaining from the practical knowledge / experience of these experts will add value to the usual (theoretical) deliberations in the workshop.

More details at – http://www.ivw2014.org/

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A National Seminar on ‘Sanskrit for Children’ at Puduchcherry 13-14 April 2013

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 11:26

Giving her views on Sanskrit, Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram said: “Every child born in India should know it, just as every child born in France has to know French.”

Now, the question is how to bring Sanskrit to every child of India? This is a herculean task before all those concerned about Sanskrit education in India. But it is a matter of regret that we have not been able to create enough study material required to bring Sanskrit to the children of various age groups. The material needs to be appropriate and up-to-date with modern environment in which today’s children grow. An enormous amount of work, with utmost care and sincerity, needs to be done towards this worthy purpose. What is equally important is that the contents of the newly created works should be in congruence with the spirit of Sanskrit. And there should be no compromise with quality at any level. All that we prepare has to be of highest international standards.

Keeping this aspiration and valuable purpose in mind, Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC) is taking a first step by organizing a National Seminar on Sanskrit for Children. The Seminar will be held on 13th & 14th April 2013 in Puducherry. The purpose of the Seminar is to generate more ideas on the subject of Sanskrit education and involve experts in planning, preparing and delivering various learning materials. The tentative topics for discussion and presentation are as follows -

  1. Making Sanskrit Relevant to Children in the Present Times.
  2. Importance and Teaching of Sanskrit at Nursery and Primary Levels in Achieving the Objectives of True Education.
  3. Sanskrit as a Tool for Instilling Values in Children.
  4. Preparing Teacher Training Materials for the Nursery and Primary Level Sanskrit Teachers.
  5. Networking of Organizations Engaged in Creating Innovative Materials for Teaching Sanskrit to the Children.
  6. Digital and Printed Materials for Teaching Sanskrit to the Children.
  7. Translation of Existing Materials from Other Indian languages to Sanskrit.
  8. Preparation of Innovative Sanskrit Learning Materials for Children.
  9. Storytelling in Sanskrit.
  10. Teaching Through Mantras, Shlokas, Songs and Nursery Rhymes.
  11. Learning Activities and Games for Teaching Sanskrit.
  12. Development Scenarios/Possibilities for Promoting Sanskrit for Children in and Outside Schools.

For further details contact:

Sampadananda Mishra

Director, Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)

Sri Aurobindo Society



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New Biennial प्रतिष्ठा devoted to Research in Sanskrit

Wed, 03/06/2013 - 12:30

Ref. – Message from Dr. T. Mahendar, Asst. Professor, Mukta Swadhyaya Peetham,Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, (Deemed University Under MHRD, GOI), New Delhi.

षाण्मासिकी संस्कृतशोधपत्रिका
Email. pratishtha_21@hotmail.com

इदमिह भवतां पुष्कलहर्षाय कल्प्स्यति यत् त्रिभाषासंवलिता ISSN-कलिता प्रतिष्ठानामभाक् षाण्मासिकी संस्कृतशोधपत्रिका स्वीयं प्रथमं प्रसूनं प्रसूते। प्राचीनस्वरूपस्य संस्कृतस्याधुनिकयुगानुगुण्येन प्रवर्तनार्थां शोधदृष्टिमात्मसात्कुर्वतीयं पत्रिका खल्वात्मव्यपदेशेन भारतीयसंस्कृतेः पुनर्गरिमविजृम्भणप्रयासमुद्भावयिष्यतीति परिकल्पयामहे।
तत्र श्रीमतामन्तःक्षीरनिधिमन्थनोत्थं विचारनवनीतं पुष्टिजुष्टं खलु शोधपत्रिकायाः परिपोषमातनिष्यतीत्याशास्महे।

आपको सूचित करते हुए अत्यन्त हर्ष हो रहा है,कि ISSN सहित प्रतिष्ठा नामक शोधपत्रिका का प्रथम अंक शीघ्र ही प्रकाशित होने जा रहा है । अतः आप से निवेदन है,कि अपना शोधपत्र प्रेषित करने का अनुग्रह करें।

Dear, Sir/Madam
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that the half yearly research journal with ISSN Pratishtha is going to be published. So kindly send your research article.

Last date to submit- 15 March 2013
Email. pratishtha_21@hotmail.com

1. व्याकरणम्
2. ज्योतिषम्
3. शिक्षा (विविधार्थसन्दर्भा)
4. दर्शनम्
5. साहित्यम्

1. प्रौद्योगिकी
2. चिकित्साशास्त्रम्

शोधलेखप्रेषणे अवधेयविशेषः-

• परिसरपरिवारदृष्टिभिरपि पत्रमिदं परिपूतं स्यादिति निवेदनम्।
• शोधलेखःA-4 Size पत्रे अधिकाधिकं 8-10 पृष्ठात्मकः स्यात्।
• Font Size 14, Space-Auto भवेत् ।
• English Papers Should be typed in Times New Roman.
• Hindi Papers Should be in Mangal, Kriti Dev-10 or Chanayak font.
• सन्दर्भग्रन्थानां (Reference Book) नामोल्लेखो नूनं करणीयः।
• लेखानां परिशोधनं, परिवर्तनञ्च सम्पादकमण्डलाधीनम्।
• अध्यापकानां शोधार्थिनामेव च प्रकाशयिष्यन्ते।
• स्वनिबन्धः 15 मार्च दिनाङ्कं यावदवश्यं प्रेषणीय: ।


• संस्थाभ्यः वार्षिकं शुल्कम् (700)
• अध्यापकेभ्यः (600)
• शोधार्थिभ्यः (400)

भाषात्रिवेणी (संस्कृतम्, हिन्दी,आङ्गलम्)
Email. pratishtha_21@hotmail.com


राष्ट्रियसंस्कृतसंस्थानम् (मा.वि)
दूरवाणी- 08716037669, 09419261035

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Two courses in Mumbai, in March 2013 and May 2013

Wed, 02/27/2013 - 07:50

Message from “Sanskrit Bhasha” <sanskritbhasha@gmail.com>

Subject: A Bhasha Bodhan Varg at SION , Mumbai in March 2013


  • Orgn SamskitaBharati-
  • 5 SUNDAYS-March-3,10,17,24,31
  • Time 9AM-6PM.
  • Last RegnDate 1/3/13.
  • Regn&Enq- SANJAY Mahanty  91 – 8655037876.

2) Teachers Training Course in Mumbai from  2nd May to 12th May 2013.

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YouTube video – Shri. Baldevanand Sagar speaks about Sanskrit

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 00:49

See and Listen to Shri. Baldevanand Sagar speaking about Sanskrit -

at this YouTube video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZcCGAnM-cE

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उज्जयिन्यां संस्कृतसाहित्योत्सवः फरवरीमासे २२,२३,२४ दिनाङ्केषु

Sat, 01/19/2013 - 15:10
आत्मीयाः संस्कृतानुरागिणः,

सहर्षं सूच्यते यत् – आगामिनि फरवरीमासे २२,२३,२४ दिनाङ्केषु उज्जयिन्यां संस्कृतसाहित्योत्सवः भविष्यति इति । अस्मिन् उत्सवे नूतनसंस्कृतपुस्तकानां लोकार्पणम्, पुस्तकमेला, विविधविषयेषु सङ्गोष्ठ्यः च भविष्यन्ति।

अधिकविवरणार्थम् अनेन पत्रेण सह संलग्नं साहित्योत्सवविषयकं विवरणपत्रम् कृपया अवलोक्यताम्। पत्रमिदं सामाजिकसम्पर्कसूत्रमाध्यमेन (जालपुटम्, फेस्-बुक्, ब्लाग्, ईमैल् इत्यादिना) प्रसार्य अत्यधिकाः जनाः ज्ञापनीयाः, साहित्योत्सवस्य यशस्वितायै प्रयतनीयम् च इति भवत्सु निवेदनम्।

धन्यवादाः, डा. महेशः,
संस्कृतसंवर्धनप्रतिष्ठानम्, नवदेहली
चलभाषः – 9013467453

Dr. K. Mahesh
Program coordinator
Samskrit Promotion Foundation, New Delhi – 60
- – -
संस्कृतेन पठ्यताम्, संस्कृतेन लिख्यताम्, संस्कृतेन चिन्त्यताम्।

Read Samskrit, Write Samskrit, Think Samskrit.

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Lecture in Tattva-Bodha Monthly Series at Kolkata

Wed, 01/16/2013 - 11:03

Invitation_Tattvabodha Lecture

National Mission for Manuscripts, IGNCA, New Delhi & School of Vedic Studies, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata cordially invite you to the occasion of the following lecture of “Tattvabodha” The Monthly Lecture Series

    Speaker                        :          Professor Nicholas Kazanas, Director, Omilos Meleton Cultural Institute, Athens,  Greece
      Chairperson                 :          Professor Pranab Kumar Bhattacharyya,
      Former Jadunath Sarkar Professor of History,  former Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Commerce and Law, North Bengal University
      Topic   :   The Collapse of the Aryan Invasion Theory  and the  Establishment of Indigenism
      Date & time                   :           Friday 18 January 2013 at 2.30pm
    Venue         :          Lecture Hall, School of Vedic Studies, Emerald Bower Campus, Rabindra Bharati University, 56A, B.T. Road, Kolkata- 700050
      Professor Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Rabindra Bharati University has agreed to grace the occasion.
      High Tea:                      :           4.00 p.m.
                Nabanarayan Bandyopadhyay (09163365911)

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Exhibition of Vedic Science Projects and Seminar

Tue, 01/08/2013 - 16:38

Exhibition of Vedic Science Projects and Seminar on important related subjects

* *

Registration Fee – Rs. 300 only per person for both days together, inclusive of lunches.

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