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Bhartruhari's Satakas-1

Sat, 05/16/2015 - 16:54
Bhartruhari’s three Sataka’s (Sataka being a poetic work of one hundred verses) namely, NeetiSataka ,SrungaraSataka and VairagyaSataka (dealing with good conduct, romance and renunciation respectively),  are well known. The work is available in several editions and in several languages. There are several commentaries in several languages.
Although the work may be known to a large number of people, it is quite possible that many, like me, might not have studied all the three Sataka’s in their entirety. Here is an attempt to study the work.
Not much is known about Bhartruhari although there are legends associated with his name.   It is said that he was a king and that he was the brother of Vikramaditya. It is also said that he became an ascetic. A Bhartruhari has written a grammatical treatise, Vakyapadiya and I’tsing, the Chinese traveller of 7th century AD mentions of grammarian Bhartruhari’s death having occurred some years earlier to his writing. If it is assumed that the same Bhartruhari wrote the three Satakas, one can say that the poet lived in 7th century AD. It is believed that Bhartruhari who wrote Vakyapadiya was a Buddhist, but our poet seems to be a Saivite. Bhoja who lived  in 11th century quotes a verse from the Satakas of Bhartruhari in his Sarasvatikanthabharana. Bhartruhari was therefore earlier to Bhoja.. Some scholars identify him to be Bhatti the author of Bhattikavya, who lived before Bhoja.
In what follows each posting will carry a few verses in order from each of the three Satakas with text and prose order in Sanskrit and an English translation which attempts to be as close to the original as possible. This method of studying all the three almost parallelly and not serially may reduce the possibility of an overdose of any sentiment!  I shall follow the text given in “Subhashita-triSati” with Sanskrit commentary of Ramachandra Budhendra published by Nirnayasagar Press (1925).  

श्रीःसुभाषितत्रिशतीमङ्गलश्लोकाःBenedictory versesदिक्कालाद्यनवच्छिन्नानन्तचिन्मात्रमूर्तये ।स्वानुभूत्येकमानाय नमः शान्ताय तेजसे ॥ नी-१ ॥अन्वयः: दिक्-काल-आदि-अनवच्छिन्न-अनन्त-चित्-मात्र-मूर्तये स्व-अनुभूति-एक-मानाय शान्ताय तेजसे नमः ।Salutation to the beatific Energy whose limitless form of knowledge is uninterrupted along time, directions etc. and whose proof is only through perception.
शम्भुस्वयम्भुहरयो हरिणेक्षणानाम्येनाक्रियन्त सततं गृहकुम्भदासाः ।वाचामगोचरचरित्रविचित्रितायतस्मै नमो भगवते मकरध्वजाय ॥ शृ-१ ॥अन्वयः: येन शम्भु-स्वयम्भु-हरयः हरिण-ईक्षणानां गृह-कुम्भ-दासाः सततम् अक्रियन्त, तस्मै वाचाम् अगोचर-चरित्र-विचित्रिताय भगवते मकरध्वजाय  नमः ।Salutation to the  revered God of love, Manmatha, whose flag carries the picture of a fish, whose colourful life is beyond words and who has made Siva, Brahma and Vishnu carriers of household pitchers of doe-eyed ladies. [ Doe-eyed ladies refer to the wives of Siva, Brahma and Vishnu, namely Parvati, Saraswati and Lakshmi.] चूडोत्तंसितचन्द्रचारुकलिकाचञ्चच्छिखाभास्वरोलीलादग्धविलोलकामशलभः श्रेयोदशाग्रे स्फुरन् ।अन्तःस्फूर्जदपारमोहतिमिरप्राग्भारमुच्चाटयन्चेतःसद्मनि योगिनां विजयते ज्ञानप्रदीपो हरः ॥ वै-१ ॥अन्वयः: चूड-उत्तंसित-चन्द्र-चारु-कलिका-चञ्चत्-शिखा-भास्वरः लीला-दग्ध-विलोल-काम-शलभः ज्ञानप्रदीपः हरः योगिनां चेतः-सद्मनि श्रेयः-दशा-अग्रे स्फुरन् अन्तः-स्फूर्जत्-अपार-मोह-तिमिर-प्राग्भारम् उच्चाटयन् विजयते ।Shiva whose unsteady lock of hair where the bud-like moon appearing as a hair-crest is shining and who easily burnt the tremulous moth called Manmatha, flourishes in all his glory residing in the hearts of ascetics shining in the forefront during auspicious moments and vanquishing the thick darkness of boundless delusion roaring internally.  (Verbs जयतु,जयति,विजयते etc. which are often used in benedictory verses convey the sense of “flourishing in all its glory” although the literal meaning is “to be victorious”. )
अथ मूर्खपद्धतिः( Section on the dull-headed)बोद्धारो मत्सरग्रस्ताः प्रभवः स्मयदूषिताः ।अबोधोपहताश्चान्ये  जीर्णमङ्गे सुभाषितम् ॥ नी-२ ॥अ: बोद्धारः मत्सर-ग्रस्ताः, प्रभवः स्मय-दूषिताः,अन्ये अबोधोपहताः च, सुभाषितम् अङ्गे जीर्णम् । Scholars suffer from jealousy; kings are corrupted by arrogance; others are afflicted with ignorance; (thus) good sayings decay in their own body (without expression).
स्त्रीप्रशंसा (In praise of women)स्मितेन भावेन च लज्जया भियापराङ्मुखैरर्धकटाक्षवीक्षणैः ।वचोभिरीर्ष्याकलहेन लीलयासमस्तभावैः खलु बन्धनं स्त्रियः ॥ शृ-२ ॥अ: स्त्रियः स्मितेन भावेन लज्जया पराङ्मुखैः अर्ध-कटाक्ष-वीक्षणैः वचोभिः ईर्ष्या-कलहेन लीलया समस्त-भावैः च बन्धनम् ।With their smile, temperament, shyness, partial glances while turning away their faces, words, quarrels out of jealousy, playfulness and with all their moods women are a fetter (to men).
अथ तृष्णादूषणम्( Censuring desire)भ्रान्तं देशमनेकदुर्गविषमं प्राप्तं न किञ्चित्फलंत्यक्त्वा जातिकुलाभिमानमुचितं सेवा कृता निष्फला ।भुक्तं मानविवर्जितं परगृहेष्वाशङ्कया काकवत्तृष्णे जृम्भसि पापकर्मपिशुने नाद्यापि संतुष्यसि ॥ वै-२ ॥अ: अनेक-दुर्ग-विषमं देशं भ्रान्तम् ,फलं न किञ्चित् (अपि) प्राप्तम्; उचितं जाति-कुल-अभिमानं त्यक्त्वा कॄता सेवा निष्फला; पर-गृहेषु आशङ्कया काकवत् मान-विवर्जितं भुक्तम्; पाप-कर्म-पिशुने तृष्णे! जृम्भसि, अद्य अपि न सन्तुष्यसि ।O Greed manifesting wretched actions !  many places dangerous and difficult to access were traversed fruitlessly; sacrificing the self respect proper for the community and family, fruitless service was rendered; Without self-respect (food) was eaten with apprehension in others’ houses like a crow; you are still growing and do not feel satisfied. 
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Sat, 05/09/2015 - 16:13
सङ्ख‍उलधवलकमले फुडमरग‍अहरिअवत्तभङ्गणिहाए ।विद्दुममिलिअकिसलए उह‍अतडाबद्धसंकमम्मि णलवहे ॥ ८-९९ ॥संचर‍इ वाणरबलं णिम‍इ विसट्टन्तमहिहरो सेउवहो ।ओआहिअपा‍आलं सव्वत्थामगरुअं धरेइ समुद्दो ॥ ८-१०० ॥ [ शङ्खकुलधवलकमले स्फुटमरकतहरितपत्त्रभङ्गनिघाते ।  विद्रुममिलितकिसलये उभयतटाबद्धसंक्रमे नलपथे ॥ सञ्चरति वानरबलं नमति विशीर्यमाणमहीधरः सेतुपथः ।  अवगाहितपातालं सर्वस्थामगुरुकं धारयति समुद्रः ॥]On the bridge joining the two shores lotuses look white due to proximity of conch shells; clear emeralds have struck green leaves; sprouts of trees are mixed with corals; on such a bridge moves the army of monkeys.  At places on the bridge the mountains are giving way. The ocean bears the bridge which extends deep into the netherworld with a tremendous force.
संचालेइ णिअम्बं धारेइ उअरि तरङ्गकरपब्भारम् ।सम्भम्मि वणगओ विअ आबद्धो सेतुसंकमम्मि समुद्दो ॥ ८-१०१ ॥[ संचालयति नितम्बं धारयत्युपरि तरङ्गकरप्राग्भारम् ।  स्तम्भे वनगज इवाबद्धः सेतुसंक्रमे समुद्रः ॥]In the manner a wild elephant held on to a pole holds the pole at the top and shakes the bottom of the pole, the ocean subdued by the bridge holds on to the bridge at the top with its trunk like waves and shakes the bottom of the bridge.
उत्तिण्णा अ पवङ्गा सेलभरुव्वहणजणिअसेअतुसारा ।धा‍उम‍इले कर‍अले पासट्टिअमहिहरोज्झरेसु धुवन्ता ॥ ८-१०२ ॥[ उत्तीर्णाश्च प्लवङ्गाः शैलभरोद्वहनजनितस्वेदतुषाराः ।  धातुमलिनानि करतलानि पार्श्वस्थितमहीधरझरेषु धावयन्तः ॥]Having crossed the ocean, monkeys  who are cold with sweat produced as a result of carrying mountains wash their hands which have been soiled by mountain-ores, in the streams of nearby mountains.
पत्ता अ दहमुहाणिअणन्दणवणपा‍अवोइअवणुद्देसम् ।अलभरणिसण्णजलहरभरमोडिअवणल‍अं सुवेलुच्छङ्गम् ॥ ८-१०३ ॥[ प्राप्ताश्च दशमुखानीतनन्दनवनपादपोचितवनोद्देशम् ।  जलभरनिषण्णजलधरभरमोटितवनलतं सुवेलोत्सङ्गम् ॥]Monkeys reached the slopes of Suvela which was a fit place for planting of trees of Nandana garden brought by Ravana and where creepers were sagging due to weight of the water-laden clouds which had parked there.
सोऊण समुत्तिण्णं उअहिमविद्दविअविक्कमं क‍इसेण्णम् ।जाओ रक्खसलोओ रक्खसणाहस्स पेलवाणत्तिअरो ॥ ८-१०४ ॥[ श्रुत्वा समुत्तीर्णमुदधिमविद्रावितविक्रमं कपिसैन्यम् ।  जातो राक्षसलोको राक्षसनाथस्य पेलवाज्ञप्तिकरः ॥]People of Lanka were ready to carry out the unsteady orders of Ravana after having heard that monkeys had crossed the ocean without any hindrance.
जाव अ महोअहिअडे आवासग्गहणवावडम् क‍इसेण्णम् ।ताव क‍अन्तेण कओ रावणसीसम्मि वामहत्थप्फंसो ॥ ८-१०५ ॥[ यावच्च महोदधितटे आवासग्रहणव्यापृतं कपिसैन्यम् ।  तावत्कृतान्तेन कृतो रावणशीर्षे वामहस्तस्पर्शः ]As soon as the army of monkeys spread itself on the (Northern) shores of the ocean the God of destruction placed his left hand on the head of Ravana.
रामस्स रावणस्स अ लोआलोअन्तरालसरिसामण्णे ।वड्डन्तणिव्व‍अन्ते पा‍आरन्तरदहा‍इअम्मि प‍आवे ॥ ८-१०६ ॥[ रामस्य रावणस्य च लोकालोकान्तरालनिस्सामान्ये ।  वर्धमाननिवर्तमाने प्राकारान्तरद्विधायिते प्रतापे ॥]While the valour of Rama and RavaNa was separated by the fort of Lanka , the former shone and increased and the latter darkened and decreased in an extraordinary manner.
जा‍आ लच्छीअ समं सोहा महिअस्स सामरस्स पसण्णा ।तिअसजणिआणुराए उत्तिण्णम्मि म‍अलच्छणम्मि व रामे ॥ ८-१०७ ॥[ जाता लक्ष्म्या समं शोभा मथितस्य सागरस्य प्रसन्ना ।  त्रिदशजनितानुरागे उत्तीर्णे मृगलाञ्छ्न इव रामे ॥]While Rama crossed the ocean, the luster of the disturbed ocean became tranquil in the manner of Lakshmi’s appearance after the rising of the moon when the ocean was churned.  इअ सिरिपवरसेणविर‍इए कालिदासकए दहमुहवहे महाकव्वे अट्ट्ःअमो आसासओ ।[ इति श्रीप्रवरसेनविरचिते कालिदासकृते दशमुखवधे महाकाव्येऽष्टम आश्वासकः ]Thus ends the eighth chapter in the great epic, “Killing of the Ten-headed” composed by Pravarasena and created by Kalidasa.  
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Sat, 05/02/2015 - 15:53
सेतुबन्धम्-८३हिमपडनौत्थ‍इआ‍इं घडिआ‍इं वि णलवहम्मि णज्जन्ति फुडम् ।सिहरा‍इं सिहरिव‍इणो मल‍अस्स अ मलिअचन्दणसुअन्धा‍इं ॥ ८-९२ ॥[हिमपतनावस्थगितानि घटितान्यपि नलपथे ज्ञायन्ते स्फुटम्  । शिखराणि शिखरिपतेर्मलयस्य च मृदितचन्दनसुगन्धानि ॥]The peaks of Himalaya and Malaya used for the bridge can be clearly made out as the former are covered with snow and the latter are fragrant due to the sandal wood trees (on them) trampled upon.
जा‍आ फुडवित्थारा गओणिअत्तन्तजलर‍अविहुव्वन्ता ।पक्करगाहसमग्गा सेउम्मि वि सा‍अरस्य वेलामग्गा ॥ ८-९३ ॥[ जाताः स्फुटविस्तारा गतापनिवर्तमानजलरयविधूयमानाः ।  प्रग्राहसमग्राः सेतावपि सागरस्य वेलामार्गाः ॥]The paths of the tides of ocean undulating due to ebb and flow of water carrying sea-lions are wide and clear on the bridge.
सेला‍इञ्छणपडिआ सलिलोल्लिअगरुअकेसरभरक्कन्ता ।दीसन्ति दरुत्तिण्णा संकमपासल्लसंठिआ केसरिणो ॥ ८-९४ ॥[ शैलातिक्रमपतिताः सलिलार्द्रितगुरुककेसरभराक्रान्ताः ।  दृश्यन्ते दरोत्तीर्णाः संक्रमपार्श्वसंस्थिताः केसरिणः ॥]Lions which have fallen off from shifted mountains and which are burdened by the wetted and hence heavy manes and which have raised themselves slightly from water can be seen to be standing on the sides of the bridge.  
पुव्वावरोअहिग‍आ दहुं पुव्वावरोअहिसमुप्पणा ।सेउपडिसिद्धपसरा  पुणो ण पेच्छन्ति कुलहरा‍इं जलहरा ॥ ८-९५ ॥[ पूर्वापरोदधिगता द्रष्टुं पूर्वापरोदधिसमुत्पन्नाः ।  सेतुप्रतिषिद्धप्रसरा पुनर्न पश्यन्ति कुलगृहाणि जलचराः ॥]Marine creatures born in Eastern and Western parts of ocean which then travel to Western and Eastern parts are unable to return to their home waters obstructed by the (sudden rise of) the bridge.
दीसन्ति धा‍उअम्बा मारुअविहुअधवलोज्झरपडद्धन्ता ।सेउस्स तुङ्घसिहरा उह‍अतलपरिट्ठिआ ध‍अ व्व महिहरा ॥ ८-९६ ॥[ दृश्येते धातुताम्रौ मारुतविधुतधवलनिर्झरपटार्धान्तौ ।  सेतोस्तुङ्गशिखरावुभयतटपरिस्थितौ ध्वजाविव महीधरौ ॥]The two mountains (Malaya and Suvela) with tall peaks at the two ends look like flags erected with their mineral ores looking red and their mountain streams looking like fluttering white cloth.
अह णिम्मिअसेउवहं सेउवहब्भहिअथलप‍इण्णमहिहरम् ।चलिअं चलन्तराहवहिअ‍अणिहिप्पन्तरणसुहं क‍इसेणम् ॥ ८-९७ ॥   [ अथ निर्मितसेतुपथं सेतुपथाभ्यधिकस्थलप्रकीर्णमहीधरम् ।  चलितं चलद्राघवहृदयनिधीयमानरणसुखं कपिसैन्यम् ॥]With the bridge having been built, the army of monkeys moved on; there were mountains scattered all over beyond the bridge; the pleasure of fighting lay hidden in the heart of Rama who also moved.
पेच्छन्ति अ वोलन्ता संकमदोहा‍इअक्खविअवित्थारम् ।वल‍आमुहणिट्ठविएक्कपासवोच्छिण्णपाणिअं म‍अरहरम् ॥ ८-९८ ॥[ प्रेक्षन्ते च व्यतिक्रामन्तः संक्रमद्विधायितक्षपितविस्तारम् ।  वडवामुखनिष्ठापितैकपार्श्वव्यवच्छिन्नपानीयं मकरगृहम् ॥]Monkeys moving on the bridge see that the ocean has dwindled in its extent because of bifurcation and water on one side is reduced due to the presence of the sub-marine fire (on that side).- - - - 
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मल‍असुवेलालग्गो पडिट्ठिओ णिहणिहम्मि सागरसलिले ।उअ‍अत्थमणणिराओ रविरहमग्गो व्व पा‍अडो सेउवहो ॥ ८-८५ ॥[ मलयसुवेलालग्नः परिस्थितो नभोनिभे सागरसलिले ।  उदयास्तमननिरायतो रविरथमार्ग इव प्रकटः सेतुपथः ॥] The bridge attached to Malaya and Suvela mountains (at the two ends) over the sky-like ocean appears like the path of the sun between the Eastern mountain (where the sun rises) and the Western mountain (where the sun sets).
दीस‍इ पवणविहुव्वन्ताअ‍अरोअरपरिट्ठिअमहासिहरो ।विअडपसारिअवक्खो उप्पवमाणो व्व महिहरो सेउवहो ॥ ८-८६ ॥[ दृश्यते पवनविधूयमानसागरोदरपरिस्थितमहाशिखरः ।  विकटप्रसारितपक्ष उत्प्लवमान इव महीधरः सेतुपथः ॥]The bridge consisting of huge mountain peaks in the waters which are being blown up by the wind looks like a flying mountain with its wings spread monstrously. 
अर‍ई थोरूसासा णिहाणासो विवण्णदा दौवल्लम् ।सेउम्मि र‍इज्जन्ते रामादो रावणम्मि संकन्ता‍इं ॥ ८-८७ ॥[ अरतिः स्थूलोच्छ्वासा निद्रानाशो विवर्णता दौर्बल्यम् ।सेतौ रच्यमाने रामाद्रावणे सङ्क्रान्तानि ॥]While the mountain was under construction (signs such as) disinterestedness, heavy breathing, loss of sleep, paleness, and weakness moved away from Rama and settled in Ravana.
अह थोरतुङ्घविअडो णेउं णिहणं सबन्धवं दहव‍अणम् ।दोहा‍इअसलिलणिही क‍अन्तहत्थो व्व पसरिओ सेउवहो ॥ ८-८८ ॥[ अथ स्थूलतुङ्गविकटो नेतुं निधनं सबान्धवं दशवदनम् ।  द्विधायितसलिलनिधिः कृतान्तहस्त इव प्रसृतः सेतुपथः ॥]The bridge which bisected the ocean looked like an extended heavy, tall and monstrous hand of Yama, the God of death wanting to kill Ravana the ten-headed along with his relatives.
विसमेण प‍अ‍इविसमं महिहरगरुएण समरसाहसगरुअम् ।दूरत्थेण वि भिण्णं सूलेण व सेउणा दसाणणहिअ‍अम् ॥ ८-८९ ॥[ विषमेन प्रकृतिविषमं महीधरगुरुकेण समरसाहसगुरुकम् ।  दूरस्थेनापि भिन्नं शूलेनेव सेतुना दशाननहृदयम् ॥]The heart of Ravana which was by nature hard and which was unrelenting due to his exploits in battles looked like having been spiked by the bridge which was hard and heavy due to being made up of mountains although being at a distance.
दीसन्ति खुहिअसा‍अरसलिलोल्लिअकुसुमणिवहलग्गमहुअरा ।सेतुस्स पासमहिहरप‍अडन्तोव्वत्तकिसल‍आ कड‍अदुमा ॥ ८-९० ॥[ दृश्यन्ते क्षुभितसागरसलिलार्द्रितकुसुमलग्ननिवहमधुकराः ।  सेतोः पार्श्वमहीधरप्रकट्यमानोद्वृत्तकिसलयाः कटकद्रुमाः ॥]Swarms of bees attached to flowers wetted by the agitated ocean  are seen on trees on the ridges of mountains (forming the bridge) and up-turned sprouts of the trees can be seen on the sides of such mountains.
थिमिओअहिसच्छाया कत्थ वि दीसन्ति महिहरन्तरवडिआ ।फलिहसिला‍अलवडिआ मज्झच्छिण्ण व्व सेउबन्धोआसा ॥ ८-९१ ॥[ स्तिमितोदधिसच्छायाः कुत्रापि दृश्यन्ते महीधरान्तरपतिताः ।  स्फटिकशिलातलघटिता मध्यच्छिन्ना इव सेतुबन्धावकाशाः ]
At places on the bridge where white marble portions resembling a calm ocean are in between mountains, it looks as if the bridge has discontinuities.
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लहुइअपेसणहरिसिअक‍इणिवहणिसुद्धसेलपहरवलन्तो ।ण‍इसोत्तो व्व समुद्दो सेउसवेलन्तरे मुहुत्तं वूढो ॥ ८-७८ ॥[लघुकृतप्रेषणहर्षितकपिनिवहनिपातितशैलप्रहारवलमानः । नदीस्रोत इव समुद्रः सेतुसुवेलान्तरे मुहूर्तं व्यूढः ॥]The ocean which was sinuous caused by the striking mountains thrown by the monkeys who were happy that the bridge was almost complete by the Grace of  God, for a moment, looked compacted like a river stream between  the (almost completed)  bridge and Suvela mountain.
जह जह णिम्माविज्ज‍इ वाणरवसहेहि सेउसंकमसिहरम् ।तह तह दसमुहहिअ‍अं फाडिज्ज‍इ सा‍अरस्स सलिलेण समम् ॥ ८-७९ ॥[ यथा यथा निर्मीयते वानरश्रेष्ठैः सेतुसंक्रमशिखरम् ।  तथा तथा दशमुखहृदयं पाट्यते सागरस्य सलिलेन समम् ॥]As the tower of the landing part of the bridge gets constructed by the monkeys Ravana’s heart gets broken along with the waters of the ocean.
पा‍आलमिलिअमूलो अव्वोच्छिण्णपसरन्तसरिआसोत्तो ।ठाणट्ठिओ वि पडिओ मुहम्मि धरणिहरसंकमस्स सुवेलो ॥ ८-८० ॥[पातालमिलितमूलोऽव्यवच्छिन्नप्रसरत्सरित्स्रोताः ।स्थानस्थितोऽपि पतितो मुखे धरणीधरसंक्रमस्य सुवेलः ॥]Suvela mountain which stood where it was with its roots going deep and with river streams continuously flowing from it became the front end of the bridge made of mountains.
मल‍उच्छङ्घएण वि रहुव‍इपासट्ठिएण बाणरव‍इणा ।क‍इकल‍अलेण नाओ णिप्पच्छिमसेलपूरिओ सेउवहो ॥ ८-८१ ॥[ मलयोत्सङ्गगतेनापि रघुपतिपार्श्वस्थितेन वानरपतिना ।  कपिकलकलेन ज्ञातो निश्पश्चिमशैलपूरितः सेतुपथः ॥]Sugriva, the chief of monkeys who was standing beside Rama on the slopes of Malaya mountain came to know from the uproar of monkeys that the bridge has been completed by filling up with the last mountain.
आरम्भन्ते स‍अलो तिहा‍अविसमो दरुट्ट्ःइअम्मि णलवहे ।होइ दुहा अ समत्ते सो चिअ अण्णो पुणो पुणो वि समुद्दो ॥ ८-८२ ॥[ आरभ्यमाणे सकलस्त्रिभागविषमो दरोत्थिते नलपथे ।  भवति द्विधा च समासे स एवान्यः पुनः पुनरपि समुद्रः ॥]When the construction of the bridge was just begun the ocean which was one whole became divided into three (one on either side and one in front) when the bridge was partly constructed and became divided into two when the bridge was completed thus becoming different again and again.
मल‍उच्छङ्घप‍उत्तो चलन्तवाणरभरोणओ सेउवहो ।गरुओ तिऊडगिरिणा पल्हत्थन्तो दुमो दुमेण च धरिओ ॥ ८-८३ ॥[ मलयोत्सङ्गप्रवृत्तश्चलद्वानरभरावनतः सेतुपथः ।गुरुकस्त्रिकूटगिरिणा पर्यस्यमानो द्रुमो द्रुमेणेव धृतः ॥]The bridge starting from the slopes of Malaya got depressed due to the weight of the monkeys and being struck by the waves was supported by the heavy Trikuta mountain (at the southern end) in the manner a tree is supported by another tree.  
दीस‍इ सेउमहावहदोहा‍इअपुव्वपच्छिमदिसाभा‍अम् ।ओव्वत्तोह‍अपासं मज्झुक्कित्तविसमं णमन्तं व णहम् ॥ ८-८४ ॥[ दृश्यते सेतुमहापथद्विधायितपूर्वपश्चिमदिग्भागम् ।  अपवृत्तोभयपार्श्वं मध्योत्क्षिप्तविषमं नमदिव नभः ॥] It looks as if the bridge has divided the sky into two parts with the sides lowered and the central portion raised and the sky is bent.
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वित्थरइ सेउबन्धो विहुव्वइ धराहराहओ सलिलणिही ।
दिट्ठसुवेलुच्छङ्गं रसइ दिसाइण्णपडिरवं कइसेण्णम् ॥ ८-७१ ॥
 [ विस्तीर्यते सेतुबन्धो विधूयते धराधरहतः सलिलनिधिः ।
 दृष्टसुवेलोत्सङ्गं रसति दिक्कीर्णप्रतिरवं कपिसैन्यम् ॥]
The bridge is getting extended; the ocean shakes struck by the mountains; having seen the slopes of Suvela mountain, the army of monkeys roars with the sound getting reverberated all round. 

दीसन्ति भिण्णसलिले समुद्दमज्झम्मि सेउबन्धक्कन्ता ।
संभमकड्डणलुग्गा भअचुण्णपलाअसेलपक्खद्वन्ता ॥ ८-७२ ॥
[ दृश्यते भिन्नसलिले समुद्रमध्ये सेतुबन्धाक्रान्ताः ।
 संभ्रमकर्षणावरुग्णा भयचूर्णपलायितपक्षार्धान्ताः ॥]
With the ocean getting bifurcated (due to the bridge) oceanic mountains which have been displaced by the bridge are seen damaged by the sudden pull with their wings half submerged in the act of running away out of fear.

महिहरपहरक्खोहिअसलिलपरिक्खअविराअमूलमहिहरम् । थोअत्थोओसरिअं बन्धेन्ति पवंगमा पुणो वि णलवहम् ॥ ८-७३ ॥
[ महीधरप्रहारक्षोभितसलिलपरिक्षतविशीर्णमूलमहीधरम् ।
 स्तोकस्तोकमपसृतं बध्नन्ति प्लवङ्गमाः पुनरपि नलपथम् ॥]
The mountains (already part) of the bridge which are disturbed by the agitated waters while (new) mountains are thrown into the ocean are being re-aligned by the monkeys little by little. 

 जह जह अच्चासण्णो उअहि जेऊण होई सेउवहवरो ।
 उच्छलइ धराहिहअं दूरं थोअत्तणेण तह तह सलिलम् ॥ ८-७४ ॥
 [ यथा यथात्यासन्न उदधिं जित्वा भवति सेतुपथवरः ।
 उच्छलति धराभिहतं दूरस्तोकत्वेन तथा तथा सलिलम् ॥]
 As the bridge reaches completion winning over the ocean, the water in yet to be built portion struck by the (falling) mountains rises up high in the distance.

 महिहरपहरुच्छित्ता उअरिं सेउस्स जे पडन्ति खलन्ता ।
 ते चिअ सलिलुप्पीडा होन्ति वलन्तविसमा महाणइसोत्ता ॥ ८-७५ ॥
[ महीधरप्रहारोत्क्षिप्ता उपरि सेतोर्ये पतन्ति स्खलन्तः ।
 त एव सलिलोत्पीडा भवन्ति वलद्विषमा महानदीस्रोतांसि ॥]
Water streams which burst out thrown up by the striking mountains fall over the bridge and become meandering great rivers. 

देइ समत्तच्छाअं दरमिलिअसुवेलमहिहरतउद्धन्तो ।
बीओआसपहविअतिमिपूरिअसाअरन्तरो सेउवहो ॥ ८-७६ ॥ 
[ ददाति समाप्तच्छायां दरमिलितसुवेलमहीधरतटार्धान्तः ।
 द्वितीयावकाशप्रभाविततिमिपूरितसागरान्तरः सेतुपथः ॥]
With large fishes occupying the remaining space of water (between the unfinished bridge and Suvela mountain) and the slopes of Suvela mountain having been almost reached, it looked as if the bridge is completed. 

जाहे सेउणिबद्धं धुणइ णलो विसमसंठिअमहासेलम् ।
ताहे चिरेण सअलो सअलक्कन्तवसुहो णिअत्तइ उवहो ॥ ८-७७ ॥
[ यदा सेतुनिबद्धं धुनोति नलो विषमसंस्थितमहाशैलम् ।
  तदा चिरेण सकलो सकलाक्रान्तवसुधो निवर्तते उदधिः ॥] 
When Nala shakes the mountain unevenly placed in the construction of the bridge, the ocean having flooded the whole world returns to its normal state after a long time.
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उत्थद्धिअदुमणिवहा सुइरं परिमलिअसेउवहपासहा ।धा‍उकलङ्कख‍उरा दूरं गन्तूण उद्वमन्ति तरङ्गा ॥ ८-६४ ॥[ उत्थापितद्रुमनिवहाः सुचिरं परिमृदितसेतुपथपार्श्वाः ।धातुकलङ्ककलुषा दूरं गत्वा उद्वमन्ति तरङ्गाः ॥]Waves which have become muddy due to presence of (mountain) oars lift groups of trees, strike against the sides of the bridge and travelling some distance spend themselves.
दीस‍इ म‍अ‍उलेहि उअही णलो अणेहिम्सम‍अं सेल‍उपडणभ‍औण्णलोअणेहिम् ।जं खलिअं अ‍ई‍इ सलिलं ण‍ईण ऊरंतं उद्धा‍इ पव‍अकलकलवि‍इण्णऊरम् ॥ ८-६५ ॥[ दृश्यते मृगकुलैरुदधिर्नलो जनैः  समं शैल(सेतु)पतनभयपूर्णलोचनैः ।  यत्स्खलितमत्येति सलिलं नदीनां पूरं  तदुद्धावति प्लवगकलकलवितीर्णतूर्यम् ॥]People and animals look at Nala and the ocean with fearful eyes afraid that the bridge may fall; the waters of the ocean which flow over the floods of the (joining) rivers swell up due to the bugle-like cacophony of the monkeys. 
इअ स‍अलमहिअलुक्ख‍अमहिहरसंघा‍अणिम्मिअमहारम्भम् ।णिअ‍अच्छा‍आव‍इअरसामल‍इअसा‍अरोअरजलद्धन्तम् ॥ ८-६६ ॥[ इति सकलमहीतलोत्खातमहीधरसंघातनिर्मितमहारम्भम् ।  निजकच्छायाव्यतिकरश्यामलितसागरोदरजलार्धान्तम् ॥]The bridge is a great work of construction built out of mountains pulled out from all over the land, the shadow of which has darkened the belly of the ocean.
विसमोसरिअसिला‍अलदढघा‍उक्खित्तमच्छपच्छिमभा‍अम् ।मज्झच्छिण्णभुअंगमवेड्ढप्पीडणविआरिअसिलावेढम् ॥ ८-६७ ॥[ विषमापसृतशिलातलदृढघातोत्कृत्तमत्स्यपश्चिमभागम् ।  मज्झच्छिण्णभुअंगमवेष्टोत्पीडनविदारितशिलावेष्टम् ॥]Rocks which have slipped out of the bridge have cut the tails of fishes; Snakes which have been hit at the centre of their body by rocks have coiled around those rocks. 
सेलुम्मूलणसंभमगहिअप्फिलिअगअमग्गथाइअसीहम् ।गिरिसिहरणिसण्णाणिअगिरिपेल्लिअणिन्तमुहलजलहरसलिलम् ॥ ८-६८ ॥[ शैलोन्मूलनसंभ्रमगृहीतभ्रष्टगजमार्गधावितसिंहम् ।  गिरिशिखरनिषण्णानीतगिरिप्रेरितनिर्यन्मुखरजलधरसलिलम् ॥]Lions are running after elephants which had been caught but escaped during the commotion of up-rooting the mountains; the clouds which had collected at the tops of mountains and were brought along with mountains are noisily shedding water prompted by (rubbing of other) mountains in the bridge.
पासल्लपडिअवणग‍अरुद्धमहोज्झरदुहापहाविअसलिलम् ।धरणिहरन्तरिअट्ठिअचन्दणवणमुणीअमल‍असिहरक्खण्डम् ॥ ८-६९ ॥[ पार्श्वपतितवनगजरुद्धमहानिर्झरद्विधाप्रधावितसलिलम् ।  धरणिधरान्तरितस्थितचन्दनवनज्ञातमलयशिखरखण्डम् ॥]An elephant which has fallen down on a side obstructs the flow of a river and the river splits into two; the sandal wood trees on the mountains (forming the bridge) indicate that the mountain was a  part of Malaya range of mountains.
वी‍ईपडिऊलाह‍अथोउव्वेल्लिअदुमावलम्बन्तल‍अम् ।विसमसिहरन्तराग‍असंवेल्लिअसा‍अरं घडेन्ति णलवहम् ॥ ८-७० ॥[ वीचिप्रतिकूलाहतस्तोकोद्वेल्लितद्रुमावलम्बमानलतम् ।  विषमशिखरान्तरागतसंवेल्लितसागरं घटयन्ति नलपथम् ॥]
Creepers hang down from trees which have been slightly shaken by the waves dashing against them; sea water surrounds and occupies the spaces between peaks of mountains which form the bridge. Monkeys have built such a bridge under the guidance of Nala. [ Verses 66-70 form one long sentence.]- - - - 
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Sat, 03/28/2015 - 17:19
पड‍इ णु णह‍अलघडिओ कड्डिज्ज‍इ णु मल‍आहि चिरणिम्माओ ।घड‍इ णु समुद्दसलिले घडिओ णीह रसा‍अलाहि णलवहो ॥ ८-५७ ॥[ पतति तु नभस्तलघटितः कृष्यते नु मलयाच्चिरनिर्मितः ।  घटते नु समुद्रसलिले घटितो निरेति नु रसातलान्नलपथः ॥] Does the bridge (path built by Nala) fall from heavens? Is it being pulled away from Malaya where it is constructed earlier? Does it form (on its own) in the ocean? Does it rise from the netherworld after it is built there? ( It is difficult to say how the bridge is getting formed.)
ग‍अणम्मि उअहिसलिलं सलिलविमुक्के रसाअलम्मि णह‍अलम् ।दीस‍इ तीसु वि सम‍अं  णहसलिलरसा‍अलेसु पव्व‍अजालम् ॥ ८-५८ ॥[ गगने उदधिसलिलं सलिलविमुक्ते रसातले नभस्तलम् ।  दृश्यते त्रिष्वपि समं नभः सलिलरसातलेषु पर्वतजालम् ॥]Waters of the ocean are seen in the sky; The sky is seen in the netherworld bereft of water; mountain ranges are seen in all the three, sky, ocean and the netherworld.
वेलालाणणीअलिओ रसिऊण रसाअलट्ठिअं पि समुद्दो ।चालेइ सेउबन्धं खम्भं आरण्णकुञ्जरो व्व वलन्तो ॥ ८-५९ ॥[ वेलालाननिगलि(डि)तो रसित्वा रसातलस्थितमपि समुद्रः ।  चालयति सेतुबन्धं स्तम्भमारण्यकुञ्जर इव वलन् ॥]The ocean bound by the binding of the shore moves the bridge firmly placed on the bottom of the ocean like an elephant which turns and screams and moves the post to which it is tied.
पेल्लिज्जन्ति दढ‍अरं जह जह पवएहि खुहिअजलतण्णाआ ।ओहट्टन्ताआमा तह तह एक्कक्कमं अ‍इन्ति महिहरा ॥ ८-६० ॥[ प्रेर्यन्ते दृढतरं यत्र यत्र प्लवगैः क्षुभितजलार्द्राः ।  अपसरदायामास्तत्र तत्रैकैकमायान्ति महीधराः ॥]In places where the mountains are being directed by the monkeys, the mountains wet by the agitated waters of the ocean firmly come one by one with their lengths aligned.   
पव‍अभुअगलत्थल्लिआ विप्प‍इण्णर‍अणाधरणिहरा पडन्ति भ‍अचुण्ण‍इंणर‍अणा ।खुहिओ सा‍अरो रस‍ई उण्ण‍अं ण ईणंमोअन्तो व्व तिव्वभ‍अ‍उण्ण‍अं णईणम् ॥ ८-६१ ॥[ प्लवगभुजगलहसिता विप्रकीर्णरत्ना धरणिधराः पतन्ति भयचूर्णकिन्नरगणाः । क्षुभितः सागरो रसति उन्नतं न दीनं मोचयन्निव तीव्रभयपूर्णतां नदीनाम् ॥]As the mountains slip into the ocean prodded by the monkeys, gems (of the ocean) get scattered; the Kinnara people (on the mountains) are perplexed due to fear. The agitated ocean roars loudly and not weakly as if providing an outlet to the acute fear of the rivers (flowing into it.)
भर‍इ व दूरा‍इद्धो धुव्व‍इ व पडन्तधरणिहरकहमिओ ।रुम्भ‍इ व पडिणीअत्तो भिण्णो घड‍इ व मणिप्पहाहि समुद्दो ॥ ८-६२ ॥[ भ्रियत इव दूराविद्धो धाव्यत इव पतद्धरणीकर्दमितः ।  रुध्यत इव प्रतिनिवृत्तो भिन्नो घटत  इव मणिप्रभाभिः समुद्रः ॥]It looks as if the luster of gems (in the ocean) is holding up the ocean thrown away to a distance, washing the ocean gone turbid due to the falling mountains, preventing waters returning after being thrown away and joining the waters that are divided.
करिम‍अराण खुहिअसाअरविआसिआणंसेउवहम्मि पडिअगिरिणिवहविसासिआणम् ।सम‍अं वणग‍आण णिवहा धरोसिआणंसमुहं आवडन्ति म‍अगन्धरोसिआणम् ॥ ८-६३ ॥[ करिमकराणां क्षुभितसागरविषाश्रितानां  सेतुपथे पतितगिरिनिवहविशासितानाम् ।  समकं वनगजानां निवहा धरोषितानां  सम्मुखमापतन्ति मदगन्धरोषितानाम् ॥]
Sea-crocodiles which reside in the disturbed oceanic waters and which are being struck by the mountains which have fallen into the ocean are directly coming face to face with forest elephants which live on land and which are excited by the smell of their ichor.- - - - 
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Sat, 03/21/2015 - 20:32
घडमाणेहि अ सम‍अं झिज्ज‍इ सेलेहि जेत्तिअं चिअ उअही ।उच्छल‍इ तेत्तिअं चिअ उत्थङ्घिअमूलसलिलपरिपूरन्ती ॥ ८-५० ॥[ घट्मानैश्च समं क्षीयते शैलैर्यावन्मात्रमेवोदधिः ।  उच्छलति तावन्मात्रमेवोत्तम्भितमूलसलिलपरिपूर्यमाणः ॥]As soon as ocean’s level gets reduced while the mountains are being arranged (for the formation of the bridge), water from the sub-oceanic source rises up to fill.
उद्धप्फुडिअण‍इमुहा णीअ‍अट्ठाणसिढिलोसरन्तमहिहरा ।अन्दोलन्तसमुद्दा अन्दोलन्ति व णहं धरणिसंखोहा ॥ ८-५१ ॥[ ऊर्ध्वस्फुटितनदीमुखा निजकस्थानशिथिलापसरन्महीधराः ।  आन्दोलत्समुद्रा आन्दोलयन्तीव नभो धरणिसङ्क्षोभाः ॥]It looks as if the agitations of the earth are causing the sky to get agitated. River estuaries are blown upwards; mountains having lost their original placements are moving helter- skelter; the ocean is disturbed. 
अद्धुट्ठिअसेउवहं होइ खणं अद्धदिण्णहरिहिअ‍असुहम् ।अद्धोव‍इआहिहरं अद्धोसारिअरसा‍अलं उवहिजलम् ॥ ८-५२ ॥[ अर्धोत्थितसेतुपथं भवति क्षणमर्धदत्तहरिहृदयसुखम् ।  अर्धावपातितमहीधरमर्धापसारितरसातलमुदधिजलम् ॥]With half of the bridge coming up there is partial joy among the monkeys; the ocean has half of the mountains thrown in hap-hazardly and half of the mountains reaching the bottom.
णिम्माओ त्ति मुणिज्ज‍इ दूरा‍इद्धम्मि सा‍अरे सेतुवहो ।सो चिअ सलिलभरन्तो थोआरद्धो व्व दीस‍इ णिअत्तन्ते ॥ ८-५३ ॥[ निर्मित इति ज्ञायते दूराविद्धे सागरे सेतुपथः ।  स एव सलिलभ्रियमाणः स्तोकारब्ध इव दृश्यते निवर्तमाने ॥]When the water of the ocean recedes it looks as if the bridge is constructed; when it returns it looks as if the bridge being supported by the water is just coming up.
अवि पूर‍इ पा‍आलं ण अ कुविअदिसाग‍इन्दगमणविहा‍आ ।उअहिवि‍इण्णोआसा पूरेन्ति महावराहप‍अणिक्खेवा ॥ ८-५४ ॥[ अपि पूर्यते पातालं न च कुपितदिग्गजेन्द्रगमनविघाताः ।  उदधिवितीर्णावकाशाः पूर्यन्ते महावराहपदनिक्षेपाः ॥]The mountains are filling up the nether world; but the footprints of the Great Boar which have been accommodated by the ocean and which are causing obstruction to the angry elephants of cardinal directions (diggaja) are not being filled.
जा‍अं महिहरमहिअं धातुअडक्खलणसरसपल्लवरा‍अम् ।दुमभङ्घतुवरसुरहिं उप्पज्जन्तम‍इरं व सा‍अरसलिलम् ॥ ८-५५ ॥[ जातं महीधरमथितं धातुतटस्खलनसरसपल्लवरागम् ।  द्रुमभङ्गतुवरसुरभि उत्पद्य[मान]मदिरमिव सागरसलिलम् ॥]It looks as if the ocean churned up by the mountains is producing liquor with the sprout-like redness of ores in the shore slipping into the ocean and with broken trees forming an astringent concoction. 
संचालेइ समुद्दो जह जह विरलट्ठिअं धराहरणिवहम् ।तह तह विराहसिहरो पूरिअविवरत्थिरो घड‍इ सेउवहो ॥ ८-५६ ॥[ संचालयति समुद्रो यथा यथा विरलस्थितं धराधरनिवहम् ।  तथा तथा विशीर्णशिखरः पूरितविवरस्थिरो घटते सेतुपथः ॥]
As the ocean moves the loosely placed series of mountains, the bridge gets constructed with the peaks of the mountains falling and filling up the vacantspots.- - - - 
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Sat, 03/14/2015 - 16:09
जं जं आणेइ गिरिं रहिरहचक्कपरिमट्टसिहरं हणुमा ।तं तं लीला‍इ णलो वामकरुत्थम्बिअं रएइ समुद्दे ॥ ८-४३ ॥[ यं यमानयति गिरिं रविरथचक्रपरिमृष्टं हनुमान् ।  तं तं लीलया नलो वामकरोत्थम्भितं रचयति समुद्रे ॥]Whichever mountain whose peak was rubbed by the wheels of the sun was brought by Hanuman, Nala placed it with ease in the ocean after balancing it on his left hand. 
वित्थ‍असरकमलसिरे सेले दरघडिअसेउसंकमलसिरे ।जलणिहिसेआलग्गा पा‍आलधरा धरेन्ति सेआलग्गा॥ ८-४४ ॥[ विस्तृतसरःकमलशिरसः शैला दरघटितसेतुसंक्रमलसनशीलान् ।  जलनिधिसेवालग्नाः पातालधरा धारयन्ति शैवालाग्राः ॥]The under-sea mountains, immersed in the service of the ocean and which have their peaks covered with green moss support the mountains which are joined as part of the bridge under construction and whose peaks have lakes with large lotuses.
वेला‍अडसंबद्धा गओणिअत्तन्तजलर‍अविहुव्वन्ती ।हलन्तकिरणविडवा अन्दोल‍इ मरग‍अप्पहावणराई ॥ ८-४५ ॥[ वेलातटसम्बद्धा गतापनिवर्तमानजलरयविधूयमाना ।  लसत्किरणविटपा आन्दोल्यते मरकतप्रभावनराजी ॥]Rows of trees shining like emerald and  whose branches are shining due to sun rays and attached to the shores are being swung due to the disturbance caused by the advancing and receding water waves.
दन्तेसु वलिअलग्गा खोहुप्पित्थग‍असंपहारुक्खित्ता ।करिम‍अराण भुअंगा पडन्ति कालासमण्डलपडिच्छ्न्दा ॥ ८-४६ ॥[ दन्तेषु वलितलग्ना क्षोभोद्विग्नगजसंप्रहारोत्क्षिप्ताः ।  करिमकराणां भुजङ्गा पतन्ति कालायसमण्डलप्रतिच्छन्दाः ॥]Serpents thrown up by the onslaught of angry elephants are bent and stuck in the teeth of sea elephants and fall (into the ocean) like circular pieces of black iron.
पव्व‍अवडना‍इद्धो जो चिअ उअहिस्स पडिणित्त‍इ पडमम् ।सो चिअ सलिलद्धन्तो अणोहुतविसमं वलेइ णलवहम् ॥ ८-४७ ॥[ पर्वतपतनाविद्धो य एवोदधेः प्रतिनिवर्तते प्रथमम् ।  स एव सलिलार्धान्ततोऽन्यतोऽभिमुखविषमं वलयति नलपथम् ॥]The ocean-wave caused by the striking of the falling mountain itself flattens the uneven contour of Nala’s bridge at first (even before Nala does it) on its return.
खुहिअसमुद्दस्थमिआ खुडेन्ति अक्खुडिअम‍अजलॊज्झरपसरा ।चलणालग्गभुअंगे पासे व्व णिरा‍अकड्ढिए मा‍अङ्गा ॥ ८-४८ ॥[ क्षुभितसमुद्रास्तमिताः खण्डयन्त्यखण्डितमदजलनिर्झरप्रसराः ।  चरणालग्नभुजङ्गान् पाशानिव निरायतकृष्टान् मातङ्गाः ॥]Elephants which are partially submerged in water due to the agitation of the ocean and with ichor continuously flowing cut into pieces serpents which get entangled on their legs like lengthened ropes.
र‍अणच्छविविमल‍अरा फलरसभरिअदरभिण्णमरग‍अणिवहा ।ओधुव्वन्ति तरङ्गा चुणीअसङ्ख‍उलपण्डुर‍अरफेणा ॥ ८-४९ ॥[ रत्नच्छविविमलतराः फलरसहरितदरभिन्नमरकतनिवहाः ।  अवधूयन्ते तरङ्गाश्चूर्णितशङ्खकुलपाण्डुरतरफेनाः ॥]
 Waves having the hue of gems and containing slightly broken emeralds which were green like the juice of fruits and which contain foam whitened by the presence of broken sea-shells get scattered. - - - - 
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Sat, 03/07/2015 - 16:16
पडिग‍अगन्धपसारिअकरिम‍अरच्छिण्णगलिअकरपब्भारे ।जाणन्ति णवर कुविआ लवणजलालिद्धवणमुहे अणहत्थी ॥ ८-३६ ॥[ प्रतिगजगन्धप्रसारितकरिमकरच्छिन्नगलितकरप्राग्भारान् ।  जानन्ति केवलं कुपिता लवणजलाश्लिष्टव्रणमुखान् वनहस्तिनः ॥]Forest elephants which are angry become aware that their trunks, which were stretched attracted by the scent of the sea-elephants,  have been wounded by sea elephants  only after the salty water of the ocean hurt the wounds.
दरघडिअसेउबन्धा उप्प‍इऊण पव‍आ समुद्दुप्प‍इए ।कड्डन्ति जमलकर‍अलसंदाणिअवक्खसंपुडे धरणिहरे ॥ ८-३७ ॥[ दरघटितसेतुबन्धा उत्पत्य प्लवगाः समुद्रोत्पतितान् ।  कर्षन्ति यमलकरतलसंदानितपक्षसंपुटान्धरणीधरान् ॥]When the bridge work had progressed a little monkeys jumped up and tried to pull back the mountains which had risen from the ocean by holding the wings of the mountains in their hands.
बन्धर णलो वि तक्खणविसमुच्छलिअचलकेसरसडुग्घाओ ।तिअवलिकरपसारिअहरिहत्थुक्खित्तमहिहरो सेउवहम् ॥ ८-३८ ॥[ बन्ध्नाति नलोऽपि तत्क्षणविषमोच्छलितचलकेसरसटोद्घातः ।  त्रिकवलितकरप्रसारितहरिहस्तोत्क्षिप्तमहीधरः सेतुपथम् ॥]Nala also takes part in the construction of the  bridge with his hips bent, hands extended catching and tying the mountain lifted by the monkeys while his manes fly for a moment haphazardly.

जं बहुपव्व‍अजणिअं विच्छूढसमुद्दपा‍अडं महिविवरम् ।तं एक्को पडिरुभ‍इ वित्थारब्भहिअसंठिओ धरणिहरो ॥ ८-३९ ॥[ यद्बहुपर्वतजनितं विक्षिप्तसमुद्रप्रकटं महीविवरम् ।  तदेकः प्रतिरुणद्धि विस्तराभ्यधिकसंवृतो धरणीधरः ॥]One mountain very large in area fills up the abyss created by several mountains which were  thrown into the ocean.
सा‍अरलद्धत्थाहं णिमेन्ति जं जं धराहरं क‍इणिवहा ।वज्ज‍इ पुर‍ओ हुत्तो का‍ऊण प‍अं तहिं तहिं सेतुवहो ॥ ८-४० ॥[ सागरलब्धस्थाघं नियोजयन्ति यं यं धराधरं कपिनिवहाः ।  बध्यते पुरतोऽभिमुखः कृत्वा पदं तत्र तत्र सेतुपथः ॥]Nala binds the bridge  forward stepping on the mountains dropped into the ocean by the monkeys and which have hit the ground below the ocean.
सम‍अं पव‍अविमुक्के सेउवहम्मि सम‍अं अभा‍अपडन्ते ।परिपेल्लेइ र‍एइ अ सम‍अं च णलो पडिच्छिऊण महिहरे ॥ ८-४१ ॥[ समकं प्लवगविमुक्तान् सेतुपथे समकमभागपततः ।  प्रतिप्रेरयति रचयति च समकं च नलो प्रतीक्ष्य महीधरान् ॥]Whenever mountains thrown by monkeys reach the wrong place, Nala manages to put them at the right place (for the construction).
अवलम्ब‍इ णलघडिए अभा‍अवलिआणिए घडेइ महिहरे ।सेउवहस्स समुद्दो उव्वेलन्तसलिलो पवड्ढ‍इ पुरओ ॥ ८-४२ ॥[ अवलम्बते नलघटितानभागवलितान् घटयति महीधरान् ।  सेतुपथस्य समुद्र उद्वेलसलिलः प्रवर्धते पुरतः ॥]
As the ocean holds the mis-placed mountains joined by Nala it swells along with the growth of the bridge.- - - - 
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तह पडमं विअ मुक्को वेला‍अडसंटिओ णलेण महिहरो ।जह दीसिउं प‍उत्तं लङ्काणत्थस्स सेउबन्धस्स मुहम् ॥ ८-३० ॥[ तथा प्रथममेव मुक्तो वेलातटसंस्थितो नलेन महीधरः ।  यथा द्रष्टुं प्रवृत्तं लङ्कानर्थस्य सेतुबन्धस्य मुखम् ॥]Nala threw a mountain at first itself ( in the ocean) in such a manner that the monkeys saw in the beginning of the bridge construction the catastrophe that would befall Lanka.
भमिओ अ तह धराहरपहरुच्छित्तसलिलो णहम्मि समुद्दो ।महिहरर‍अम‍इला‍इं जह धोआ‍इ सम‍अं दिसाण मुहा‍इं ॥ ८-३१ ॥[ भ्रमितश्च तथा धराधरप्रहारोत्क्षिप्तसलिलो नभसि समुद्रः ।  महीधररजोमलिनानि यथा धौतानि समं दिशां मुखानि ॥]The waters of the ocean which got scattered due to the throwing of the mountain cleaned the skies which had got dirty on account of the dust rising from the mountain.
जलतण्णा‍अघडन्ता अविभाविज्जन्तवडणमग्गोआसा ।ण मुअन्ति एक्कमेक्कं खुहिअसमुद्दविसमाह‍आ वि महिहरा ॥ ८-३२ ॥[ जलार्द्रघटमाना अविभाव्यमानघटनमार्गावकाशाः ।  न मुह्यन्ति एकैकं क्षुभितसमुद्रविषमाहता अपि महीधराः ॥]The mountains (so thrown) although severely jolted by the agitated ocean, cling to each other after getting wet by water in such a way that no intervening space can be seen between them.
पडिवहपत्थिअसलिला वेला‍अडपडिअहमहिहरसमक्कान्ता ।जे च्चिअ अहिगममग्गा जा‍आ ते च्चेअणिग्गमा वि ण‍ईणम् ॥ ८-३३ ॥[ प्रतिपथप्रस्थितसलिला वेलातटपतितमहीधरसमाक्रान्ताः ।  य एवाभिगममार्गा जातास्त एव निर्गमा अपि नदीनाम् ॥]The inlet routes of rivers (flowing into the ocean) blocked by the fallen mountains became their exit routes also.
णिवडन्ति तुङ्घसिहरा पवलविमुक्का अहोमुहा वि णलवहे ।भमिऊण मूलगरुआ जहेअ उम्मूलिआ तहेअ महिहरा ॥ ८-३४ ॥[ निपतन्ति तुङ्गशिखराः प्लवगविमुक्ता अधोमुखा अपि नलपथे ।भ्रमित्वा मूलगुरुका यथैवोन्मूलिता तथैव महीधराः ॥]Mountains having tall peaks and heavy at the bottom fall into the ocean (upright) like when up-rooted although they were flung bottom up.
विहुणेन्ति विहुव्वन्ता करिअम‍अरमुहा‍इ थिरणिहित्तणहमुहा ।मुहपज्जत्तदढुक्ख‍अकुम्भ‍अडभमन्तकेसरा केसरिणो ॥ ८-३५ ॥[ विधूनयन्ति विधूयमानाः करिमकरमुखानि स्थिरनिहितनखमुखाः ।  मुखपर्याप्तदृढोत्खातकुम्भतटभ्रमत्केसराः केसरिणः ॥]
  Lions violently shaken (by the sea-crocodiles) shake the faces of the sea-crocodiles with their paws firmly placed near their faces while their manes fly around the humps of  sea-crocodiles which they have gripped firmly.- - - - 
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किं उत्तर‍उ णिरन्तरघडन्तधरणिहरसंकमेण समुद्दम् ।ओ बोलेउ धुओअहिथोउत्तिण्णमहिमण्डलेण क‍इबलम् ॥ ८-२२ ॥[ किमुत्तरतु निरन्तरघटमानधरणिधरसंक्रमेण समुद्रम् ।उत् व्यतिक्रामतु धुतोदधिस्तोकोत्तीर्णमहीमण्डलेन कपिबलम् ॥]Should the army of monkeys cross the ocean over mountains continuously brought together or should it cross over pieces of land which rise up due to ocean getting scattered?
तंपेच्छह मल‍ओ च्चिअ पत्थन्तो पडिग‍अं ग‍ओ व्व सुवेलम् ।मह मुअदढसंरुद्धो आ‍इद्धं धुण‍उ मुहवडं व समुद्दम् ॥ ८-२३ ॥[ तत्पश्यत मलय एव प्रार्थयमानः प्रतिगजं गज इव सुवेलम् ।  मम भुजदृढसंरुद्ध आविद्धं धुनोतु मुखपटमिव समुद्रम् ॥]Let Malaya mountain, restrained by (my) strong shoulders challenge Suvela mountain and blow away the ocean like an elephant restrained by the strong shoulders (of the rider) blows away the covering cloth. ( What the poet implies is vague.) 
ओ विरएमि णह‍अले तुरिअपहाविअपवंगसंचरणसहम् ।अणुपरिवाडिपरिट्ठिअघणकूडघडन्तमहिहरं सेउवहम् ॥ ८-२४ ॥[ उत विरचयामि नभस्तले त्वरितप्रधावितप्लवंगसंचरणसहम् ।  अनुपरिपाटीपरिस्थितघनकूटघटमानमहीधरं सेतुपथम् ॥]Or shall I construct in the sky a bridge made up of serially laid mountains through the clouds which is able to take the fast movements of monkeys over it?
ओ सा‍अरो अरब्भन्तराणिओवरिपरिट्ठविअणिप्फन्दा ।जलहर‍लम्बिअवक्खा घडेन्तु लङ्कावहं रसा‍अलसेला ॥ ८-२५ ॥[ उत सागरोदराभ्यन्तरानीतोपरिस्थापितनिःस्पन्दाः । जलधरलम्बितपक्षा घटयन्तु लङ्कापथं रसातलशैलाः ॥]Or should the mountains inside the ocean be lifted up and aligned motionless with their wings supported by clouds to make the road to Lanka? 
तं मह मग्गलग्गा विर‍एह जहाणिओअमुक्कम्हिहरा ।अणुवा‍अदिट्ठदोसं अ‍इराहोन्तसुहबधणं सेउवहम् ॥ ८-२६ ॥[ तन्मम मार्गलग्ना विरचयत यथानियोगमुक्तमहीधराः ।  अनुपायदृष्टदोषमचिराद्भवसुखबन्धनं सेतुपथम् ॥]Now then, O monkeys, construct the bridge laying the mountains as per (my) command which will quickly be easily built with its only flaw being the difficulty of understanding how it was built.
इअ णलव‍अणहरिसिअं गलिअपरिस्समणिरा‍अमुक्ककल‍अलम् ।चलिअं तुलिअधराहरक‍अणिब्भरदसदिसं पवंगमसेण्णम् ॥ ८-२७ ॥[ इति नलवचनहर्षितं गलितपरिश्रमनिरायतमुक्तकलकलम् ।  चलितं तुलितधराधरकृतनिर्भरदशदिक्प्लवंगमसैन्यम् ॥ ]The army of monkeys moved, feeling happy after hearing Nala, and feeling relieved of the stress murmured for long and throwing away mountains, so far carried, in all directions and feeling carefree.

अह णेण सुहप्फरिसे पिउणो सलिलम्मि मज्झिऊण सणिअमम् ।रामचरणाण पढमं पच्छा काऊण रविसुअस्स पणामम् ॥ ८-२८ ॥[ अथानेन सुखस्पर्शे पितुः सलिले मङ्क्त्वा सनियमम् ।  रामचरणयोः प्रथमं पश्चात् कृत्वा रविसुतस्य प्रणामम् ॥]After ritually bathing in the ocean which was pleasant to touch and then bowing to his father (Vishwakarma, the Divine architect), feet of Rama and then Sugriva,

तो क‍अणधा‍उअम्बो सपल्लवासोअविडवभरिअदरिमुहो ।पढमं णलेण णिमिओ मङ्गलकलसो व्व जलणिहिम्मि महिहरो ॥ ८-२९ ॥[ ततः कनकधात्वाताम्रः सपल्लवाशोकविटपभृतदरीमुखः ।  प्रथमं नलेन नियोजितो मङ्गलकलश इव जलनिधौ महीधरः ॥]
Nala at first placed in the ocean a mountain which had a golden hue and where the mouth of a cave had an Ashoka tree with its sprouts and which looked like an auspicious pitcher.- - - - 
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खविओ वाणरलोओ दूरट्ठिअविरलपव्व‍अं महिवेढम् ।ण अ दीस‍इ खेउवहो मा हु णमेज्ज गरुअं पुणो रामधणुम् ॥ ८-१४ ॥[ क्षपितो वानरलोको दूरस्थितविरलपर्वतं महीवेष्टम् ।  न च दृश्यते सेतुपथो मा खलु नमेद्गुरुकं पुना रामधनुः ॥]The monkey clan is decreasing; mountains remaining on the earth are few and far off; there is no sight of the bridge; let not the bow of Rama again get bent.
म‍इरा मुद्धमिअङ्को अम‍अं लच्छी सकोत्थुहं दुमर‍अणम् ।किं सेउलबन्धलहुअं जं वोत्तूण र‍अणा‍अरेण ण दिण्णम् ॥ ८-१५॥[ मदिरा मुग्धमृगाङ्कोऽमृतं लक्ष्मीः सकौस्तुभं द्रुमरत्नम् । किं सेतुबन्धलघुकं यदुक्त्वा रत्नाकरेण न दत्तम् ॥]Did Ocean grant these after being asked, namely liquor, the innocent moon, ambrosia, Goddess Lakshmi, the gem among trees along with Kaustubha jewel, which were not less weighty than the construction of the bridge?
धूमा‍अन्ति बिअ से अज्ज वि पा‍आलदेहदूरालग्गा ।आ‍अट्टन्तजलाह‍अससद्दविज्झविअहुअवहा रामसरा ॥ ८-१६ ॥[ धूमायन्त इवास्याद्यापि पातालदेहदूरालग्नाः ।  आवर्त्यमानजलाहतसशब्दविध्यापितहुतवहा रामशराः ॥]The arrows of Rama look like even now emitting smoke stuck deep into the body of the netherworld with their fire noisily smothered after being hit by the whirling waters of the ocean.
तं बन्धसु धीर तुमं सेउं अज्जेअ जाव दूरन्तरिआ ।एकं मल‍असुवेला होन्तु दुहा अ विअडा समुद्दद्धन्ता ॥ ८-१७ ॥[ ततो बधान धीरत्वं सेतुमद्यैव यावद्दूरान्तरितौ ।  एकं मलयसुवेलौ भवतां द्विधा च विकटौ समुद्रार्धान्तौ ॥]O brave one, therefore today only build the bridge such that the presently distant mountains Malaya and Suvela become one and the ocean becomes divided (left and right of the bridge).
तो पव‍अबलाहि फुडं विण्णाणासङ्घणिव्वलन्तच्छाओ ।पव‍अव‍इसंभमुम्मुहवि‍इण्णभ‍अहित्थलोअणो भण‍इ णलो ॥ ८-१८ ॥[ ततः प्लवगबलात्स्फुटं विज्ञानाध्यवसायनिर्बलच्छायः ।  प्लवगपतिसम्भ्रमोन्मुखवितीर्णभयोद्विग्नलोचनो भणति नलः ॥]Then Nala who looked distinguished from other monkeys because of his special knowledge speaks clearly with his eyes betraying anxiety having conquered fear in facing the chief of monkeys, Sugriva.
भण्ण‍इ पवंगपुर‍ओ रहुणाहस्स अ पवंगव‍इ वीसत्थम् ।तुह सेउबन्धजणिआ ममम्मि संभावणा ण होहि‍इ अलिआ ॥ ८-१९ ॥[ भणति प्लवंगपुरतो रघुनाथस्य च प्लवंगपते विश्वस्तम् ।  तव सेतुबन्धजनिता मयि सम्भावना न भविष्यत्यलीका ॥]He speaks in front of monkeys in such a manner that makes Rama and Sugriva feel confident, “ O Chief of monkeys! Your confidence in my building the bridge will not be falsified.”
खविओ पव्व‍अणिवहो दलिअञ् व रसा‍अलं धुवो व्व समुद्दो ।जीअं व परिच्चत्तं अज्ज व संभावणा तुहं णिव्वूढा ॥ ८-२० ॥[ क्षपितः पर्वतनिवहो दलितं वा रसातलं धुतो वा समुद्रः । जीवो वा परित्यक्तोऽद्य वा सम्भावना तव निर्व्यूढा ॥]Let groups of mountains be destroyed, let the netherworld be dug up, let the ocean be shaken, let lives be lost, but your objective will be accomplished.
तं पेक्खसु महिविअलं महिवट्टम्मि व महं महोअहिवट्ठे।घडिअं घडन्तमहिहरघडिअसुवेलमल‍अन्तरं सेउवहम् ॥ ८-२१ ॥[ तत्प्रेक्षस्व महीविकटं महीपृष्ट इव मम महोदधिमध्ये(पृष्टे) ।  घटितं घटमानमहीधरघटितसुवेलमलयान्तरं सेतुपथम् ॥] 
You will see the bridge coming up in the middle of the ocean broad like on earth with ground between Suvela and Malaya mountains leveled up. - - - - 
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बणग‍अगन्धुत्तिण्णा पुणो णिअत्तन्ति आ‍अवाह‍अविहला ।णिअ‍अकरसीहरोल्लिअणिव्वा‍अन्तमुहमण्डला करिम‍अरा ॥ ८- ८ ॥[ वनगजगन्धोत्तीर्णाः पुनर्निवर्तन्त आतपाहतविह्वलाः ।  निजककरशीकरार्द्रितनिर्वाप्यमाणमुखमण्डलाः करिमकराः ॥]The sea elephants which came up seeking the smell of forest elephants were exhausted by the heat of the sun and returned to the sea wetting their faces with the spray (of sea water) from their trunks.
दुमभङ्गकलुसिआइं कसा‍अरसभिण्णपण्डुरप्फेना‍इं ।जा‍आइञ् णिण्ण‍आणं उत्थलवलणर‍अधूसरा‍इञ् मुहा‍इं ॥ ८-९ ॥[ द्रुमभङ्गकलुषितानि कषायरसभिन्नपाण्डुरफेनानि ।  जातानि निम्नगानामुत्स्थलवलनरजोधूसराणि मुखानि ॥]The mouths of rivers which had become turbid due to the broken trees (floating) with white foam mixed with the acrid juices (of the trees) became gray in colour due to their meandering routes (while entering the ocean).
खुहिओअहिविच्छूडा महिन्दकडएसु मल‍अभित्तिच्छेआ ।घडिआ मलिअग‍अवुला मल‍अ‍अडेसु अ महिन्दखेलद्धन्ता ॥ ८-१० ॥[ क्षुभितोदधिविक्षिप्ता महेन्द्रकटकेषु मलयभित्तिच्छेदाः ।  घटिता मृदितगजकुला मलयतटेषु च महेन्द्रशैलार्धान्ताः ॥]Thrown up due to the disturbed sea, parts of slopes of Malaya mountain got entangled with the slopes of Mahendra mountain and (similarly) the parts of Mahendra mountain got stuck with the slopes of Malaya mountain resulting in elephants there getting crushed.
दीसन्ति विअडधवला थिमिअणिअत्तन्तजलतरङ्गिअवट्टा ।वासुइणिम्मोअणिहा णिरन्तरालग्नमोत्तिआ पुलिणवहा ॥ ८-११ ॥[ दृश्यन्ते विकटधवलाः स्तिमितनिवर्तमानजलतरङ्गितपृष्टाः ।  वासुकिनिर्मोकनिभा निरन्तरालग्नमौक्तिकाः पुलिनपथाः ॥]Paths made of sand which are zig-zag and white and which have the impressions of water coming up and receding and with pearls stuck to them appear like the cast off skin of snake Vasuki.
खोहेन्ति खुहिअणिहुअं उअहिं णहबन्धपडिणि‍अत्तोव‍इआ ।पव्व‍अघावुक्खित्ता चिर‍आलालोइआ सलितसंघा‍आ ॥ ८-१२ ॥[ क्षोभयन्ति क्षुभितनिभृतमुदधिं नभःपथप्रतिनिवृत्तावपतिताः ।  पर्वतघातोत्क्षिप्ताश्चिरकालालोकिताः सलिलसङ्घाताः ॥]Jets of water which had been thrown up due to mountains being dumped into the ocean and which returned to the initially disturbed but now calm ocean are disturbing the ocean and it is being looked upon ( by onlookers) for a long time.
अह णलवि‍इण्ण‍अणो जम्प‍इ विहडन्तमणिसिलासणवट्ठो ।उव्वत्तिआ‍अ‍अट्टिअवाम‍अरारुहिअतिअभरो पव‍अव‍ई ॥ ८-१३ ॥[ अथ नलवितीर्णनयनो जल्पति विघटमानमणिशिलासनपृष्टः ।  उद्वर्तितायतस्थितवामकरारोपितत्रिकभरः प्लवगपतिः ॥]Sugriva, king of monkeys, casting his eyes on Nala spoke laying the weight of his hips on his left shoulder seated on a slab of precious stone which was breaking up (due to the commotion).
खविओ वाणरलोओ दूरट्ठिअविरलपव्व‍अं महिवेढम् ।ण अ दीस‍इ खेउवहो मा हु णमेज्ज गरुअं पुणो रामधणुम् ॥ ८-१४ ॥[ क्षपितो वानरलोको दूरस्थितविरलपर्वतं महीवेष्टम् ।  न च दृश्यते सेतुपथो मा खलु नमेद्गुरुकं पुना रामधनुः ॥]
The monkey clan is decreasing; mountains remaining on the earth are few and far off; there is no sight of the bridge; let not the bow of Rama again get bent.- - - -  
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अष्टम आश्वासकः(Eighth Chapter)इअ जाहे णिवडन्ता सिहरोज्झरधोअसुरविमाणध‍अवडा ।अत्था‍अन्ति समुद्दे वित्थारत्थमिअणह‍अला वि महिहरा ॥ ८-१ ॥[ इति यदा निपतन्तः शिखरनिर्झरधौतसुरविमानध्वजपटाः ।  अस्तायन्ते समुद्रे विस्तारास्तमितनभस्तला अपि महीधराः ॥]When thus, even mountains which were so high that the streams at their peaks washed the flags of air-planes of the divine beings and which were so broad that they covered the sky, fall into the ocean and disappear,-
ताहे णिसुद्धसेसा वेवन्तुव्वत्तकरलोसरिअ‍अडा ।ठविआ वेलामूले खणलक्खिअगारवा कईहि महिहरा ॥ ८-२ ॥(जुग्ग‍अम्)[ तदा निपातितशेषा वेपमानोद्वृत्तकरतलापसृततटाः ।  स्थापिता वेलामूले क्षणलक्षितगौरवाः कपिभिर्महीधराः ॥ (युग्मकम्)]-then monkeys placed the rest of mountains (which had not been thrown into the ocean) on the shores only while the slopes of mountains whose heaviness was momentarily felt by them slipped out of their trembling hands.
गिरिसंखोहविमुक्का झीणा अप्पत्तपढमगमणोआसा ।मन्दन्दोलणम‍उआ ग‍आग‍अ च्चिअ समुद्दसलिलुप्पीडा ॥ ८-३ ॥[ गिरिसंक्षोभविमुक्ताः क्षीणा अप्राप्तप्रथमगमनावकाशाः ।  मन्दान्दोलनमृदुका गतागता एव समुद्रसलिलोत्पीडाः ॥]Waves of the ocean freed from the disturbance caused by the mountains became weak and therefore did not get any opportunity for a primary movement and therefore disappeared for ever with a mild undulation.
भिण्णघडन्तावत्तो आवत्तन्तरभमन्तभिण्णमहिहरो ।महिहरसंभमविहुओ विहुअणिअत्तसलिलो णिअत्त‍इ उअही ॥ ८-४ ॥[ भिन्नघटमानावर्त आवर्तान्तरभ्रमद्भिन्नमहीधरः ।  महीधरसंभ्रमविधुतो विधुतनिवृत्तसलिलो निवर्तत उदधिः ॥]Waves break and again assemble; broken mountains rotate between waves; ocean gets back to its original state after being shaken by the disturbance caused by the sinking mountains.
वोच्छिज्झन्तकल‍अलं जहोइअट्ठाणदरप‍अत्तावत्तम् ।दीस‍इ खणदुल्लक्खं तं चिअ थिमिअसलिलत्तणं जलणिहिणो ॥ ८-५ ॥[ व्यवच्छिद्यमानकलकलं यथोचितस्थानदरप्रवृत्तावर्तम् ।  दृश्यते क्षणदुर्लक्ष्यं तदेव स्तिमितसलिलत्वं जलनिधेः ॥]Ocean recovers its calmness after momentarily losing it (while disturbed due to falling mountains) with the noise of (falling mountains) having subsided and the waves slowly resuming their positions.
मोत्ताघडन्तकुसुमं सममरगभवत्तभङ्गभरिआवत्तम् ।विद्दुममिलिअकिसल‍अं ससङ्खधवलकमलं पसम्म‍इ सलिलम् ॥ ८-६ ॥[ मुक्ताघटमानकुसुमं सममरकतपत्त्रभङ्गभृतावर्तम् ।  विद्रुममिलितकिसलयं सशङ्खधवलकमलं प्रशाम्यति सलिलम् ॥]Waters of the ocean become calm with flowers (of fallen trees) mixing with pearls, waves full of emerald- like leaves, sprouts (of trees) joining with corals.
दीस‍इ समोसिअन्ती खणणिव्वलिउत्तरन्तविलुलिअकुसुमा ।झिज्जन्तारुण‍अम्बा समुद्दवट्ठम्मि दा‍उपङ्कच्छा‍आ ॥ ८-७ ॥[ दृश्यते समवसीदन्ती क्षणनिर्वलितोत्तरद्विलुलितकुसुमा ।  क्षीयमाणारुणताम्रा समुद्रपृष्ठे धातुपङ्कच्छाया ॥]
On the shores of the ocean are seen the outlines of muddy ores (of sinking mountains) with their coppery colour gradually weakening and the flowers (of sinking trees) momentarily turned down but again getting tossed up. - - - -  
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वणग‍अगन्धारोसिअजम्भा‍अन्तपडिउद्धकेशरिम‍अरम् ।समुहपडन्तधराहरभीअवलन्तभुअ‍इन्दजणिआवत्तम् ॥ ७-६५ ॥[ वनगजगन्धारोपितजृम्भायमाणप्रतिबुद्धकेशरिमकरम् ।  सम्मुखपतद्धराधरभीतवलमानभुजगेन्द्रजनितावर्तम् ॥]Sea lions wake up yawning and stretching the limbs angered by the smell of rutting elephants; huge snakes create whirl pools by turning their body afraid of being hit by mountains falling in front of them.
अत्था‍अन्तवणत्थलिपरिणामॊलुग्गपण्डुवत्तत्थ‍इअम् ।म‍अणदुमभङ्गणिग्ग‍अकसा‍अरसम‍इअविहलघोलिरमच्छम् ॥ ७-६६ ॥[ अस्तायमानवनस्थलीपरिणामावरुग्णपाण्डुपत्रस्थगितम् ।  मदनद्रुमभङ्गनिर्गतकषायरसमत्तविह्वलघूर्णमानमत्स्यम् ॥]The dry leaves of trees that had partially sunk under the water covered the surface of the ocean; the fish were rolling over perturbed by the astringent juice of broken Dhattura plants.
धरणिहरभारवेल्लिअपल्लवदलमुद्धवेल्लिअल‍आजालम् ।धिसवण्णवा‍अह‍अपव्वा‍अन्तविसवण्णवा‍अवकुसुमम् ॥ ७-६७ ॥[ धरणिधरभारप्रेरितपल्लवदलमुग्धवेल्लितलताजालम् ।  विषवन्नवातपाहतप्रवायद्विसवर्णपादपकुसुमम् ॥]A mass of creepers floated on the ocean undulating due to the weight of the sinking trees with their sprouts getting broken; touched by the heat of poisonous snakes , flowers of trees had become pale in colour like lotus stalk.
 आवत्तभमिरमहिहरसिहरोज्झरसीहरन्ध‍आरिअग‍अणम् ।पडिओसहिगन्धाह‍अपा‍आलसमुच्छलन्तविहलविसहरम् ॥ ७-६८ ॥[ आवर्तभ्रमणशीलमहीधरशिखरनिर्झरशीकरान्धकारितगगनम् ।  पतितौषधिगन्धाहतपातालसमुच्छलद्विह्वलविषधरम् ॥]The sky was overcast as it were due to the spray of streams on the peaks of mountains which were revolving in whirl  pools; the serpents were rising from the netherworld getting distressed by the scent of medicinal plants which had fallen into the ocean.
आवत्तमण्डलोअरवलन्तसेलकड‍अप्पहामिज्जन्तम् ।णिन्तरसा‍अलविसहरवित्थिण्णफणामणिप्पहामिज्जन्तम् ॥ ७-६९ ॥[ आवर्तमण्डलोदरवलमानशैलकटकप्रभ्राम्यमाणम् ।  निर्यद्रसातलविषधरविस्तीर्णफणामणिप्रभामीयमानम् ॥]The ocean was getting twisted by the rotating mountain ridges which got caught in the whirlpools; the sparkle of the gems in the wide hoods of serpents which were coming out of the netherworld shone over the ocean making it visible. 
अव्वोच्छिण्णविसज्जिअणिअन्तरा‍आममिलिअपव्व‍अपडिओ ।दीस‍इ णहणिम्माओ णास‍इ उअहिम्मि णिवडिओ सेउवहो ॥ ७-७० ॥[ अव्यवच्छिन्नविसृष्टनिरन्तरायाममिलितपर्वतघटितः ।  दृश्यते नभोनिर्मितो नश्यत्युदधौ निपतितः सेतुपथः ॥]The bridge which apparently looks like having been made in the sky with mountains thrown continuously one after the other gets lost in the ocean after falling down.
तो घेप्पिउं प‍उत्ता थोअत्थोअं परिस्समेण पवंगा ।अणुराए व्व विराए लङ्काणत्थघडणक्खमे सेउवहे ॥ ७-७१ ॥[ ततो ग्रहीतुं प्रवृत्ताः स्तोकस्तोकं परिश्रमेण प्लवंगाः ।  अनुराग इव विशीर्णे लङ्कानर्थघटनक्षमे सेतुपथे ॥]Along with the shattering of the bridge which could have lessened the tragedy of Lanka  monkeys’ love for work also got shattered; but they regained it little by little as they gained experience in their work.॥ इअ सिरिपवरसेणविर‍इए कालिदासकए दहमुहवहे महाकव्वे सत्तमो आसासओ ॥[ इति श्रीप्रवरसेनविरचिते कालिदासकृते दशमुखवधे महाकाव्ये सप्तम आश्वासकः ]Thus ends the seventh chapter in the great epic, “Killing of the Ten-headed” composed by Pravarasena and created by Kalidasa.  

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सेलसिलाह‍आ समुद्दोअरे मणीणंचुण्णिज्जन्ति वित्थरा र‍अणगामणीणम् ।भर‍इ णहङ्गणं अणिव्विण्णमेहलाणंहंस‍उलावलीण वणरा‍इमेहलाणम् ॥ ७-६० ॥[ शैलशिलाहताः समुद्रोदरे मणीनां  चूर्ण्यन्ते विस्तारा रत्नग्रामणीनाम् ।  भ्रियते नभोऽङ्गणमनिर्विण्णमेघलानं  हंसकुलावलीनां वनराजिमेखलानाम् ॥]Hit by the falling mountains, precious gems spread over large areas inside the ocean are getting pulverized. The sky which receives pleasant clouds carries a string of cranes which form a beautiful girdle to the forest (on the raised mountain).
रस‍इ रसा‍अलं दल‍इ मेइणी णिसुब्भन्ति जल‍अणिवहा परी‍इ ग‍अणङ्गणे कविअणो ओसुब्भन्ति महिहरा महिहराहिहओ सा‍अरो वि सुइरं धलम्मि घ्फ्ल‍इ अमुक्कविअणो ।कुसुमपसा‍हणं मिव समुद्धपल्लवं सा‍अरम्मि पडिआण विडवलग्गं दुमावलीणं जा‍अं भिण्णसिप्पिउडमज्झणिग्ग‍अत्थोरधवलमोत्ताविहूसणं विदुमावलीणम् ॥ ७-६१ ॥[ रसति रसातलं दलति मेदिनी निपात्यन्ते जलदनिवहाः पर्येति गगनाङ्गने कपिजनोऽवपात्यन्ते महीधरा महीधराभिहतः सागरोऽपि सुचिरं स्थलं घूर्णतेऽमुक्तवेदनः ।कुसुमप्रसाधनमिव समुग्धपल्लवं सागरे पतितानां विटपलग्नं द्रुमावलीनां जातं भिन्नशुक्तिपुटमध्यनिर्गतस्थूलधवलमुक्तविभूषणं विद्रुमावलीनम् ॥]The netherworld groans; the earth gets shattered; groups of clouds are being dislodged (from falling mountains); monkeys scatter in the sky; mountains are getting displaced; even the ocean swivels around hurt by the falling mountains; The white pearl which has fallen out of split open pearl-oyster and which is embedded in the corals gets stuck in the branches of trees falling into the ocean and appears like an ornamental flower with tender shoots.
अत्थमिआण महिहराण समच्छरेहिंपरिमलिआ‍इ वणग‍एहि समच्छरेहिम् ।साह‍इ कुसुमरेणुम‍इओ धओ व्वणाइंअविर‍अणिम्महन्तमहुगन्धओव्वणाइम् ॥ ७-६२ ॥[ अस्तमितानां महीधराणां समत्सरैः  परिमृदितानि वनगजैः सममप्सरोभिः ।  शास्ति कुसुमरेणुमयो ध्वजो वनानि  अविरतनिर्यन्मधुगन्धयौवनानि ॥]A plume full of pollens of flowers indicates the presence of forests which are ever fresh due to incessant fragrance of honey and which are on mountains submerged along with the divine nymphs and trampled by wild elephants.
वह‍इ पवंगमलोओ पहुप्प‍इ णहङ्घणं पडिच्छ‍इ उअही ।देइ मही वि महिहरे तह वि हु दूरविअडोअरं पा‍आलम् ॥ ७-६३ ॥[ वहति प्लवङ्घमलोकः प्रभवति नभोऽङ्गणं प्रतीष्टे उदधिः ।  ददाति मह्यपि महीधरांस्तथापि खलु दूरविकटोदरं पातालम् ॥]Monkeys carry the load; the sky provides space for it; the sky receives it; even the earth contributes mountains; even then the netherworld’s hollows remain unfilled.
इअ खोएन्ति पवंगा थोअविरा‍अगिरिपङ्कणिव्वुअमहिसम् ।दुममिलिअविद्दुमवणं थलसाव‍अमिलिअजल‍अरं म‍अरहरम् ॥ ७-६४ ॥[ इति क्षोभयन्ति प्लवङ्गाः स्तोकविशीर्णगिरिपङ्कनिर्वृतमहिषम् ।  द्रुममिलितविद्रुमवनं स्थलश्वापदमिलितजलचरं मकरगृहम् ॥]The extent of agitation caused in the ocean by the monkeys is such that buffaloes (on the mountain) are serenely resting on the slush caused by mountains thrown and slightly dispersed in the ocean, the trees on the mountain have mingled with coral trees in the ocean and land animals have mixed with marine animals.     
वणग‍अगन्धारोसिअजम्भा‍अन्तपडिउद्धकेशरिम‍अरम् ।समुहपडन्तधराहरभीअवलन्तभुअ‍इन्दजणिआवत्तम् ॥ ७-६५ ॥[ वनगजगन्धारोपितजृम्भायमाणप्रतिबुद्धकेशरिमकरम् ।  सम्मुखपतद्धराधरभीतवलमानभुजगेन्द्रजनितावर्तम् ॥]Sea lions wake up yawning and stretching the limbs angered by the smell of rutting elephants; huge snakes create whirl pools by turning their body afraid of being hit by mountains falling in front of them.
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खुहिअसमुद्दाहिमुहा तंसट्टिअमहिहरोसरन्तक्खलिआ ।करिम‍अरबद्धलक्खा करिम‍अरपडिच्छिआ पडन्ति ग‍इन्दा ॥ ७-५४ ॥[ क्षुभितसमुद्राभिमुखाः तिर्यक्स्थितमहीधरापसरत्स्खलिताः ।  करिमकरबद्धलक्ष्याः करिमकरप्रतीष्टाः पतन्ति गजेन्द्राः ॥]Great elephants, which have slipped out of mountains kept aside for being thrown, fall facing the agitated ocean intently looking at the sea crocodiles who in turn are eagerly looking forward to a fight.
ण वि तह पव‍आविद्धा विअडणिअम्बगरुआ रसा‍अलमूलम् ।जह उच्छलिउद्धा‍इअसलिलभरोवाहिआ अ‍इन्ति महिहरा ॥ ७-५५ ॥[ नापि तथा प्लवगाविद्धा विकटनितम्बगुरुका रसातलमूलम् ।  यथा उच्छलितोद्धावितसलिलभरापवाहिता आयान्ति महीधराः ॥]The mountains reach the netherworld not so much due to their being thrown by the monkeys as due to the force of weight of the waters (of streams in the mountains) which are thrown up and carried off.

उत्थङ्गिअदुमणिवहा गिरिघा‍उव्वत्तमुच्छिअमहामच्छा ।वेलासेलक्खलिआ उद्धं भिज्जन्ति उअहिजलकल्लोला ॥ ७-५६ ॥[ उत्तम्भितद्रुमनिवहा गिरिघातोद्वृत्तमूर्छितमहामत्स्याः ।  वेलाशैलस्खलिता ऊर्ध्वं भिद्यन्ते उदधिजलकल्लोलाः ॥]Waves of the ocean break against the mountains on the shore and prop up the trees while the whales get upturned due to the falling mountains.
अद्धत्थमिअविसण्ठुलग‍अजूहारूढसिहरविहलस्स णहम् ।जीअं व झत्ति णज्ज‍इ गिरिस्स कुहराहि उग्ग‍अं सुरमिहुणम् ॥ ७-५७ ॥[ अर्धास्तमितविसंष्ठुलगजयूथारूढशिखरविह्वलस्य नभः ।  जीव इव झटिति ज्ञायते गिरेः कुहरादुद्गतं सुरमिथुनम् ॥]A divine couple agitated by a herd of elephants which has come up to the peak of the half sunk mountain jumps to the sky from the cave of the mountain and it looks as if the soul-breath of the mountain is leaving it.
धरिआ भुएहि सेला सेलेहि दुमा दुमेहि घणसंघा‍आ ।ण वि णज्ज‍इ किं पव‍आ सेवं बन्धन्ति ओ मिणेन्ति णहजलम् ॥ ७-५८ ॥[ धृता भुजैः शैलाः शैलैर्द्रुमा द्रुमैर्घनसंघाताः ।  नापिज्ञायते किं प्लवगाः सेतुं बध्नन्ति उत मिन्वन्ति नभस्तलम् ॥]Monkeyd hold the mountains over their shoulders; mountains carry trees; trees hold the cluster of clouds. It is not clear whether monkeys are building the bridge or measuring the sky.
रहसविसज्जिएकमेक्का वलन्तधुअपडिअमणिसिला सा‍अरम्मि णिवडन्ति ध्रणिहा‍आ मलिहमहाभुअंगभग्गप्फणोअरोसरिअसंपुडं रसा‍अलं दुम्मेन्ति धरणिहा‍आ ।णासा अं जलं सा‍अरस्स चुण्णिअमणोसिला‍अडपडन्तसेलसंदारुणं फलन्तं दरिअणिसा‍अरेन्दहीरन्तजाण‍ई वाहणिब्भरपुलोइअस्स किरदारुणं फलं तम् ॥ ७-५९ ॥[ रभसविसृष्टेकैके वलद्धुतपतितमणिशिलाः सागरे निपतन्ति धरनिघाता मृदितमहाभुजङ्गभग्नफणोदरापसृतसंपुटं रसातलं दुन्वन्ति धरणिघाताः ।नश्यति यज्जलं सागरस्य चूर्णितमनःशिलातटपतच्छेलस्यन्दारुणंफलदृप्तनिशाचलेन्द्रह्रियमाणजानकीबाष्पनिर्भरप्रलोकितस्य किल दारुणं फलं तत् ॥]Groups of mountains thrown with force and from which rotating and trembling precious stones are dropping down  fall into the ocean one by one. The striking of the earth causes anguish in the netherworld with the mouth of the Sesha serpent split open due to the disturbance on its hood. The water of the ocean has become reddish due to the minerals (on the mountain) getting pulverized and is decaying. This is the result of not attending to Sita while Ravana who was proud of his success was carrying her away while she looked (down) with tears flowing.   
सेलसिलाह‍आ समुद्दोअरे मणीणंचुण्णिज्जन्ति वित्थरा र‍अणगामणीणम् ।भर‍इ णहङ्गणं अणिव्विण्णमेहलाणंहंस‍उलावलीण वणरा‍इमेहलाणम् ॥ ७-६० ॥[ शैलशिलाहताः समुद्रोदरे मणीनां  चूर्ण्यन्ते विस्तारा रत्नग्रामणीनाम् ।  भ्रियते नभोऽङ्गणमनिर्विण्णमेघलानं  हंसकुलावलीनां वनराजिमेखलानाम् ॥]
Hit by the falling mountains, precious gems spread over large areas inside the ocean are getting pulverized. The sky which receives pleasant clouds carries a string of cranes which form a beautiful girdle to the forest (on the raised mountain).- - - - 
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पवणभरन्तदरिमुहं पवणसुअक्कन्तविहलिअसिलावेढम् ।पड‍इ सिहरोज्झरुग्ग‍अमहिन्दधणुमब्भिणं महिन्दक्खण्डम् ॥ ७-४६ ॥[ पवनभ्रियमाणदरीमुखं पवनसुताक्रन्तविघटितशिलावेष्टम् ।  पतति शिखरनिर्झरोद्गतमहेन्द्रधनुर्गर्भितं महेन्द्रखण्डम् ॥]A piece of Mahendra mountain, whose slopes were smashed by Hanuman as he jumped up (from the mountain) and which had its mouth-like caves filled with wind and which displayed a rain-bow created by the streams on its peak falls into the ocean.
ग‍अण‍अलम्मि सेलसंघट्टवारिआणंओत्थरिअं रवेण जलभरिअवारिआणम् ।वहमाणं ल‍आहरा‍इं स‍अन्दला‍इंकिं पडिअं ण होइ सिहरं स‍अं दला‍इम् ॥ ७-४७ ॥[ गगनतले शैलसंघट्टवारिताना-मवस्तृतं रवेण जलभृतवारिदानाम् ।वहमानं लतागृहाणि सकन्दलानिकिं पतितं न भवति शिखरं शतं दलानि ॥]Why does not mountain’s peak break into many pieces as it falls into the ocean as it carries with it bowers of Kandala trees while the moisture-rich clouds in the sky roar hit by the mountain?
लक्खिज्झन्ति समुद्दे गिरिघा‍उव्वत्तम‍अरविसमुक्कित्ता ।छेअपसरन्तरुहिरा फेणमिलन्ता वि चमरिबालद्धन्ता ॥ ७-४८ ॥[ लक्ष्यन्ते समुद्रे गिरिघातोद्वृत्तमकरविषमोत्कृत्ताः ।  छेदप्रसरद्रुधिराः फेनमिलन्तोऽपि चमरीबालार्धन्ताः ॥]Parts of tails of Camari deer cut asunder by the crocodiles which have been made belly-up due to the striking of the mountain and whose blood trails have spread in sea-foam can be seen in the  ocean.   
सिद्ध‍अणो भएण मुञ्च‍इ ल‍आहरा‍इंसुर‍अविसेसजा‍असेओल्ल‍आहरा‍इं ।गिरिसरिआमुहा‍इं णासन्ति सास‍आ‍इंभम‍इ महोअहिस्स सलिलं दिसास‍आइम् ॥ ७-४९ ॥[ सिद्धजनो भयेन मुञ्चति लतागृहाणि  सुरतविशेषजातस्वेदार्द्राधराणि ।  गिरिसरिन्मुखानि नश्यन्ति शाश्वतानि  भ्रमति महोदधेः सलिलं दिक्शतानि ॥]Siddha people leave their bowers out of fear with their  lower lips wet due to the sweat arising out of amorous activity; the mouths of mountain streams considered eternal get obliterated; the ocean’s waters wander around in several directions.
भम‍इ समुक्खित्तकरं ग‍अव‍इवारिअपवित्तपक्कग्गाहम् ।विहकुत्थङ्घिअकलहं विअडावत्तमुहमाग‍अं ग‍अजूहम् ॥ ७-५० ॥[ भ्रमति समुत्क्षिप्तकरं गजपतिवारितप्रवृत्तप्रग्राहम् ।  विह्वलोत्थापितकलभं विकटावर्तमुखमागतं गजयूथम् ॥]The herd of elephants caught in the whirl pool rotates with their trunks lifted up, lifting up a bewildered elephant calf while the leader of the herd obstructs a crocodile (intent on catching them).

समुहपडन्तविअडगिरिसिहरवेल्लिमाणंवी‍इपरिक्खलन्तपवणवसवेल्लिआणम् ।दिट्ठिं देइ राहवो कह वि जा णईणंता विरहेइ णवर हिअ‍अम्मि जाण‍ई णम् ॥ ७-५१ ॥[ सम्मुखपतद्विकटगिरिशिखरप्रेरितानां  वीचिपरिस्खलत्पवनवशवेल्लितानाम् ।  दृष्टिं ददाति राघवः कथमपि यावन्नदीनां  तावद्विरहयति केवलं हृदये जानकी एनम् ॥]No sooner does Rama cast his eyes on the rivers which are shaken by the winds created by the overflowing waves and which are disturbed by the peaks of mountains falling in front of them than Sita will vacate the heart of Rama.[Rama becomes busy with activities of bridge building]
दरडड्डविद्दुमवणा उद्धावन्ति सिहिकज्जलिअसङ्ख‍उला ।पा‍आललग्गकड्ढिअरामसरोलुग्गपत्तणा जलणिवहा ॥ ७-५२ ॥[ दरदग्धविद्रुमवना उद्धावन्ति शिखिकज्जलितशङ्खकुलाः ।  पाताललग्नकृष्टरामशरावरुग्णपत्त्रणा जलनिवहाः ॥]Streams of water come up which have half-burnt corals and conch shells blackened by fire and which carry the feathers of arrows of Rama shot into the nether world.

भीअणिसण्णजल‍अरं पलोट्टणिअ‍अभरभिण्णवक्खमहिहरम् ।दीस‍इ विहिण्णसलिलं कुविउद्धा‍इअभुअंगमं पा‍आलम् ॥७-५३ ॥[ भीतनिषण्णजलचरं प्रलुठितनिजकभरभिन्नपक्षमहीधरम् ।  दृश्यते विभिन्नसलिलं कुपितोद्धावितभुजङ्गमं पातालम् ॥]Ocean waters have given way displaying the netherworld with marine animals keeping still out of fear and wings of mountains getting broken due to their own weight and  angry snakes running away.
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